Amanda Latona’s Shoulder Workout –

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She’s sexy. She’s fun. She’s fit. She’s Amanda Latona and she’s here to train shoulders with you. Need we say more? We do? Okay, well, this is exclusive video content!

Among the neon and hairspray of the 1980s, professional women clung to their doomed fashion faux pas, sneaking shoulder pads underneath their blouses to make their shoulders look bigger under dress jackets and suits. It was thought that this false musculature could empower women in the workplace, elevating their standing in the business world.

The unfortunate shoulder pad fad died along with MC Hammer pants, hair bands and Jelly shoes (thank you, fashion assassins).

Amanda Latona (recent winner of the Sacramento Pro) is way too young to rock the shoulder-pad look, but she still needs quality shoulders as an IFBB Bikini Pro. So she built shoulders of muscle and sinew, not cotton and Velcro.

We highlighted Amanda’s outgoing personality and glamorous glutes in her “Round & Round” feature. It turns out that her attention-grabbing curves don’t stop at her tush, but climb her spine and rest upon shoulders so sexy we’ve ordered a worldwide recall of shoulder pads from all thrift stores and mothball closets.

The size and shape of Amanda’s finely sculpted shoulders deliver the desired hourglass figure that lands her on the cover of major fitness magazines. Her unique workout will carve shoulders built to dominate the gym and stand tall at work. Don’t waste time and money procuring artificial confidence. Build your body and earn the real thing


noone says:

What shoulder muscles? I didn’t see anything. Check out Dana Linn Bailey’s
shoulder ~~ now that’s impressive!

Million Dollar Baby Fitness says:

The totally awesome Amanda Latona demonstrates a killer shoulder workout .
. .

Rattu says:

too bad shes a ho. She was dating Chris from Nsync, Rich from LFO and AJ
from the backstreet boys at the same time

jmpsaved says:

Nice rack! What?? I’m talking about the weight rack in the background.

noone says:

Too much commercialism…she’s not all that!

talash k says:

fake… videos show exaggerated workout may be good for
those who are on steriods 

scuba453 says:

she does not put any effort into her workout yapping away….this is not
even close to failure.

Richy VDB says:

le muscle au feminin, Amanda Latona

Katalin Nemeth says:

she talks to much

Elaine Lowell says:

She is hilarious! Love her :)

Yelidel V says:

how the hell does she maintain her makeup and hair intact through out the
exercises? I always ruin my makeup and hair when I train. I swet like crazy

Pemon Pachi says:

You are amazing !!! 

Stella Abayev says:

you’re an awesome fitness model – very funny and inspiring!

Dina Biricchina says:

i think ur amazing :)

Rosina Zimnickaite says:

Love her!

Kevin Smith says:

luve u amanda , crush the punck men essance!!

THE_Puffy_Marshmellow says:

Admit it
We’re all watching this cause she’s a hottie

tdevil101 says:

I would let Amanda give me aids

K R says:

Motivation / Inspiration / Workout / Transformation / Nutrition
Amanda Latona

Toby Dodd says:

why is this a bodybuilding video? she’s skinny, no muscle build up.

Mirin Aesthetics says:

How was the date with dean cain? Hes a phaggot btw

jordan king says:

“… last and final exercise…” They’re the same thing!! ugh

Judith Vives says:

I love love love this girl!

roninpainbringer says:

look at the old man checking her out and thinking “man wish i had some
viagra right now”

bball697 says:

mann id go ham on that bod…

gixxernewfie says:

smokin chick rocking the kicks

marc clapp says:

MARRY ME!!!!!!

lmfao6956 says:


StabStabStabStabby says:

Upright rows must be a pain with boobs

JessieVolcom says:

9:22 The old man is thinking “DEM SUGAR WALLS”

uzybone says:

Amanda has some serious charisma. Love it.

rikki g says:


jelieva95s says:

looks like shit

mademoiselle1138 says:

she is awsome!!!! so fun and real…. you go girl, good lock in

lj d. says:


Snailzify says:

Wonder woman

tfryeba says:

Do you do the reverse press with any weight?

hieronimus hendrawan says:

Lol, she’s gorgeous and so funny :p

faifai1204 says:

she sings pretty good too

mspixiedust100 says:

I like this girl.

gustavo s says:

I love you!

Karina Duarte says:

press 6 lol

roshan mahanama says:

My coworkers laughed when I told them I would bulk up with “Ripped X
Beast”, but then they saw the results. Google Ripped X Beast to see their
reaction. (You should see their faces!)

rsnk1禅氣空水 says:

shes so fuckin sexy!

bludika says:

She’s perfect

yazmin cortinas says:


andrea a says:

Elizabeth Hurley. Lol

Nabin Bista says:

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wusep15 says:

shes even hotter in person!

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