Black female bodybuilder workout

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Music by
Zee Richards


Eugene Thompson says:

the steroids have worked but at what cost?

Souda Ahmed says:

What’s the name of the song please anyone? ?????

Sammy A says:

you B a racist

hardgirl99 says:

Damn! She has a beautiful body!

Marquette bklyn says:

This is what hard work looks like! SWEEET!

online database says:

ugly girl not girl..shes like man 

Mike Eldred says:

You so pretty 

Edgar Hightower says:

She is jacked! Bring any man too his knees.

randolph edwards says:

steroid use all the way what a shame, she looks like a freak

Sue Karen says:

What is the work out????

nahyan86 says:


wety77 says:

That’s my wife.

Lil Atheos says:

Beautiful..absolutely beautiful!

Jorge Perez says:

Monsterrrrrr jajajajajaj

AssAdmiration says:


Female Bodybuilders says:
Thomas Lee says:


Jaffa* says:

Very attractive.

gmund317 says:

That’s Zee Richards.

Jimplify says:

she has nice split peaks

FitGems Nation says:

Impressive physique and nice chest flexing toward the end. 🙂

basketballjones says:

nice! gorgeous too, w/o the steroids

Urhoboman5 . says:

For everyone wondering her name is Zee Richards. She’s one the website
linked in the description. 🙂

Maria Ochoa says:


bob taylor says:


chuck fowler says:

Soooooo sexy !!!!!!!

Ulysses the wanderer says:

she looks stunning!!

Laventure Alix says:

Great Video Black female muscle is indeed hot and sexy.

MrTaylorreaves says:

She’s hot

Derek Wicker says:

Kinda looks like a muscled stacy dash!!

Chuck Collins says:

she’s mixed with Indian..very sexy combo.

Rob cham says:

this broad is hideous

Urhoboman5 . says:

We need more black muscle girl clips. So many are awesome but not enough
videos out there of them displaying their awesomeness! 😀

Zakariah Marks says:


MegaFELIPE48 says:

Who is she?

kwasimseven says:


rmitch23 says:

Damn she sexy as hell!!!! Who is that?

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