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Physical culture (or fitness) transforms into bodybuilding when you know and strictly perform certain rules. Decide! What do you want from gym? Health or sport result (huge muscles). A you ready to limit yourself in a delicious food and noisy parties? If you really want muscles, then you need understand few important rules which transform usual physical culture into bodybuilding. And now I will tell you this important rules.


sniff rat says:

Thank you Dennis. This is good advice and your English is excellent

daverocker1 says:

In mother Russia body builds you.

Andrei Lucaci says:

Денис принимай строящую критику.Давно не слышал такого ужасного акцента.За
смелость 5 а за акцент 1.Чувстуется советская школа.Просто надо
переучится,и сделать это пока не поздно.Очень много букв ты произносишь
просто неправильно,я думаю не из-за того что не можешь а из-за
неправильного восприятия или школы.Не обижайся,успехов.

Crazywaffle5150 says:

This guy is so honest and helpful :)

Keith Hankins says:

You are doing great Dennis! If people complain or make fun of your accent,
remember that most or all of them would not even try to learn another
language. Keep working on the English buddy and I will keep working on my

carmel bugeja says:

thank you for your responsible advises. your English is quite
understandable. use WAS with singular and use WERE with plurals.

Lena Ivankina says:

конечно акцент жесткий:) но грамматика норм, так что молодец, Денис!
Продолжай работать над произношением. 

Don Carpenter says:

Excellent advice! Keep practicing your English. Your language with improve
step by step, just like the body. I give you an A on your homework!

pedroc007 says:

Thanks for the advices… very good and simple! just what a beginner

TK Stoddart says:

This video was awesome. Serberious’s comment below mine is dead on.
Consider re-doing exactly the same video after a year of English training,
and leave them both up to compare. Thanks for posting this.

fotis theGreat says:

If Zangief gives you tips, you better listen!!!

sani handana says:

omg mannn u must put subtitles LOL NOOOO IM JUST JOKING 😀 ur english is
realllllyyyyy nice ^ so does ur vvideo I LOVE IT THANK YOUUUU ^^^

Luke West says:

I loved when you said you will lose many delicious moments haha. Such a
good way to put it! Great video man you’ve done well, thank you so much for
the tips!!

Murtaza Dhanerawala says:

You have inspired me! thank you.

Tommytorque69 says:

Priviet from Montreal Canada. How come you dont have more video’s? I
really enjoy your advice. Your are great!!!

Brian Karabats says:

Good job on the English, hombre. 

Joseph Lorenzo says:

Thank you for the good advice. Everything you went over made good sense and
i will be applying those principles into my work-outs. I look forward to
more of your videos. Thanks, and by the way, your English is good. 

дворяне Назаровы says:

Great, Usefull info in English! Keep Going Dennis,appriciate your work –
nice job bro!!!

PS: joining to this Quote from @sniff rat : “a strong accent,yes but
perfectly understandable.He expresses himself well” and to quote @Don
Carpenter “Excellent advice! Keep practicing your English. Your language
with improve step by step, just like the body. I give you an A on your

Jerryshock23 says:

great english keep going !! the video really useful for me thanks again !

ClarityRyZze says:

damn you are such an inspiration

s94501 says:

Great job Dennis. I’m so impressed with your English and with your video
sharing your knowledge of bodybuilding. I’m inspired to make some videos of
my own to practice my foreign language skills. I’ll be starting with

mehmet arican says:

thank you so much

keshav sarang says:

Looking forward to more of your videos Dennis! 

David Webb says:

Попробую внушить себе, что мне всё это просто приснилось. Это пиздец…

YP Genetics says:

Good job! Looking forward to see & hear more of you – don’t listen to the
damn naysayers ;D

serberious says:

I`ve got to say……this is one of the most direct and comprehensive vids
that I`ve ever watched on the subject of Bodybuilding, everything is simple
and to the point with no frills, well done Dennis and keep it up.

repe0 says:

dicaprio is that you?

Jake says:

Change the speed to 1.5x for an easier time listening :)

На Ум says:

А я хочу чтобы Денчик делал свой блог еще и на английском) 

Uroš Grandovec says:

nice solid tips and I hope you get better at your english because I
understand how frustrating it is 😉 i’m Slovenian by the way, so we have
quite similar languages :)

Abhijeet Magdulkar says:

It was a nice video … N quite helpful too.. 

Иван Новак says:

продался ненавистным пиндосам

Sebastian Figus says:

Thanks a lot for this video! Keep improving that english! :)

Dr. Nikhil says:

Fantastic sir. You are awesome and sweet at the same time

Sudhanshu Sharma says:

10/10 for your homework and tnks for this video

Absolutist TV says:

Love this video since it gives you all the things you need to know to
really get started in the gym, and all the tips and facts are straight
forward and not said with confusing terminology which is also a plus, thank
you for the video sir *tips hat*

TheCul8 says:

I love this video it’s straight to the point

Mark Higgins says:

‘An oak is not felled at one stroke’. I liked that, your video gets a
thumbs up from me! 

fixfixfix2010 says:

Нихрена не понял)))

homo sapiens says:

нужно осваивать анлг. Денчик посоветуй книги по которым сам занимался.
Где-то помню слышал ты “мерфи” юзал, а еще какие книги впрок?

fgbowen says:

Excellent english work. Very good work!!!

Sean Lackey says:

If anyone knows, it would be the Russians!

Omar Saeed says:

Very intuitive video comrade lots of great pointers for beginners good luck
in the future with your english my friend 

dyalan cg says:

you are awesome men.thank you for all advises

Читаю Биборан says:

Я охуел

amr salah says:

good video keep it up man .. and loved ur english 😀 :D

Dushan Oshin says:

How come no new videos?

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