Dana Linn Bailey Training Chest

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December 18th 2010, we decided to film our chest workout and a little post workout meal at the diner . Typically I start my workouts pretty intense and heavy with traditional lifting. I will usually start with some sort of press, either bench or dumbbells to really get the blood moving at the beginning of my workout. After getting through my different presses, I will switch over to using the isolator to really focus and isolate my chest. I like using the isolator with most of my flys because I have better ROM and can really focus on squeezing at the top to get that nice separation. If you have not checked out the isolator yet PLEASE DO. This product is awesome for true muscle isolation. www.isolatorfitness.com


Ebony Greathouse says:

Ive seen women on steroids their face looks manly, and their voice deepens
significantly. Dana’s voice sounds like a little girl and she dont REALLY
look like a dude, she’s just jacked. So I highly doubt she is on

blackgamerguy17 says:

I am both scared and attracted to you

deadboy600 says:

+ebony greathouse people like you are crazy naive.

ErenThorne says:

Why do half reps on the bench? Does it hurt your chest if you touch it with
the bar? Not trolling.

richy sowerby says:

Women can’t get big muscles with out roids why cos there body don’t produce
enough testosterone they produce estrogen so she probs is taking some roids

Ebony Greathouse says:

shes not even that big. i dont understand why people think she would need

ged asma says:

that’s why women shouldn’t do sports, because tits and ass are fat and if
fat goes bye bye , tits go bye bye . So eat that donut and feel happy about

Arnoud1987000 says:

If shes not on the roids why she looks like she is on a test 150/200mg a
week cycle? or anavar/// and those shoulders are too big and abs shows
too clearly..
also no more tits.. (IM not saying she looks bad, im not saying she does
not work hard)
I train for 13 years now…. i know exactly how to judge any goddamn person
when it comes to roids.. im also a pro music maker, i know about details.
I just dont like people who claim to be naturel when it lying bullshit

lomias says:

youre A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! such an inspiration for me!

John Smith says:

She has such a big and fat belly button and her belly protrudes like a mini
pot belly. But her abs are good though. I think women genetically have big
belly buttons.

Serkan Sevgin says:

omg where are your boobs?

moshe alon says:

why is this dude wearing a bra?? trying to hid a gyno or something??? nice
set bra, you did not even touch you chest, do you even lift? 

schrods92 says:

I seriously wanna buzz that guys head lol 

James Doyle says:

She’s really cute girl and looks to be a blast to hang with.

maher kas says:

how can i find like dana’s wraps , on her hands ?

MetaCharr says:

I wanna say “would smash” except she’d be the one doing the smashing. She’d
make me her bitch.

crack monkey says:

yeah i would bone her…

Mr steroids says:

would love to put my 10 inch cock in her ass! while her boyfriend Rob is

Leslie Bell says:

I want those arm straps for the cables. Awesome!

Sele Leyva says:


Nichelle Cross says:

+Ebony Greathouse ..Dana looks beautiful. And you are correct , she does
not sound or look like a man. However , you can use winstrol , a navy and
primo 2 get this effect without the androgenic side effects. In fact this
manner of steroid cycle is highly recommended for women because of that. I
suspect that is what she is using. I saw some of her pics when she was a
fitness pro before turning physique. And she has some very immediate gains
within a 6 months time that could not be accomplished without some chemical
help. However , steroids are not magic with out the work u put in. I have
great respect 4 her. You should peep 1 of her shows. She is a very nice

EternalSparda says:

Dana linn bailey is pretty hot even though she’s buff 

Ilaria The Queen Angel says:

The best…
Dana Linn Bailey Training Chest: http://youtu.be/Y5lLdJZnr1I

LulzRoyce says:

DLB the shit but that bench form is questionable, not going all the way
down and locking out each rep – unless she’s going for top halves or doing
tri-specific benching this form is odd to me. 

FearTheHair says:

he looks like a girl

Jorge Gonzalez says:

At first I was like gross but now Im extremely attracted to her I can stop
looking for a future wife now 

Nick Scatterday says:


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