Fat Loss Training – Bodybuilding Female Program – Figure Competition Training

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Bodybuilding Female Program : http://tipsoninter.net/go/fat-loss-training-bodybuilding-female-program-figure-competition-training/

FigureReady is a 12 week program that teaches you how to workout and pose for a figure competition. Each week a new link is sent to you for your next lesson. The program builds upon itself so that you are not overwhelmed. The workouts get progressively more difficult as you lose more and more body fat. The posing instruction starts with the basics and then helps you put it all together. It’s exactly how I show my competitors how to pose. No fluff, no professional models, no special lighting… just real life competitors! Learn more : http://tipsoninter.net/go/fat-loss-training-bodybuilding-female-program-figure-competition-training/


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