Female Bodybuilder – Desiree Dumpel

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Here is a clip of Female Bodybuilder Désirée Dümpel who is from North Holland, Netherlands. She packs on a lot of muscle onto her frame. Women bodybuilders rule! female bodybuilder, strong women, women bodybuilders workout fitness video.

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Alessandro Martins says:

What I find funny in these people who criticize the physical appearance of
this woman is the fact that none of them wonders if it’s exactly like she
wants to be and that she is caring little about their opinions even more
narcissistic then the care that she has with her body. Excuse me for my
poor english. I used an automatic translator.

Rebecca Anderson says:

This chick is astounding… i so want mass like her… those veins are

Mr. Troll says:

too muscular, too veiny, disgusting as fuck. i prefer women with curves and
sexy ass not this crap 

realrocky8591 says:

Not only is it possible, it is flatly probable for a woman to be that big
without steroids.

We’re all little blobs of blood and muscle. It’s a setup of awesome


Tomba says:

OH MY GOD THAT IS A MAN MAKED UP LIKE A WOMAN D8 Another steroid and grow
hormone pumped man looking and sounding womans. How is that sexy to wake up
next to woman who sounds and look like a guy D8

cmoneytheman says:

people dont understand women who built like this wana be man thats why they
look like this 

Jim Harris says:

male hormones upon male hormones

Nick Dagris says:

Better living through Chemistry?

Adino1 says:

Her arms are huge, unfortunately so is her clit.

Apple Best says:

“Steroids?, never heard of it, what is that” :D

tee zain says:

too much juice…looks very very bad…a big lesson to ladies who play with
the juice.

scott thompson says:

im sorry but she has the body of a man, check out the miss fitness usa
competition, those women have beutiful cut slender bodies and they are also
athletic. plus when women juice like she does it could fuck up the chance
to have kids one day. just gross

Seany Worny says:

It’s all steroids, just look at their faces and listen to their voices

Chuckscott says:

That’s a drag queen! That is definitely an ugly man in drag.

theterminator1233 says:

This is disgusting she/he crossed the line

MrInzombia says:

Believe it or not she’s a natty lol 

wuwinken says:

i would still tap dat

jack cattox says:

donna con piu nei al mondo mamam che schifo non è una donna questa ha il

MegaFELIPE48 says:

Beacause men like myself are tired of being spoonfed this pablum of women
who are not bodybuilders to be the so called beauty ideal and who wants to
have sex with a woman who looks anorexic and number two, the women who pose
in FHM, MAXIM, PENTHOUSE, and PLAYBOY, their looks are airbrushed in case
you dumb asses who bad mouth female bodybuilders did not know.

maikel13751 says:

Joder es un macho!!!!

Javier Lopez says:

Sounds like some people wish they had a body like that. Pump iron.

elkhananeli says:

Its amazing how many dickless male bimbos still think that if a woman
doesn’t look like playboy of the month then she isn’t a woman. At least 50%
of women don’t look like playboy. They are big small, thin fat, pretty and
ugly, but still women! just cos a male dickless wonder doesn’t get a rise
from them doesn’t make them less women. maybe if dickless wonders thouight
more (brain dead…?) they might find that being a man is more than just
screwing the playboy chicks and insulting the rest…

Md Zubair says:

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you will find a good free video explaining how you can build up noteworthy
muscle mass quickly while reducing excess fat simultaneously. James or many
other guys like him enjoyed amazing success because of this method. It
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MrFrazzle1990 says:

Masturbation Level : Expert

Chad Ray says:

You are so correct. My wife is one of those people who super excel in
life.You would never know she holds advanced degrees. We are very much in
love and been married for 16 years.She is truly the most amazing woman I
have ever met. She is always considerate and nice to others at the gym,
willing and volunteering advice to novice ladies asking for training tips.
Most men avoid her like the plague. Then, other men cant stop “hitting” on
her. Other men seem to not be able and keep away. Creepers.

bigbullbk says:

No offense but I think women who do this to themselves are lacking in self

iamemileo says:

U R Troll.

mathew pedrik says:

fukin natty

васся васильквич says:

she is not women,like a man ugly bitch

TITSnASSmyFavy says:

That is not a women! look at that face please and tell me the truth

homer mayr says:

Never, she’s awesome!



Ruth Ortega says:

Damn that is so SEXY

Vingo says:

Steroid messing up your body……cancer cancer cancer not worth it stop
before its to late

Sergio Fragalle says:


MrJonathanmwells says:

There’s no way that’s natural Chicopa taking muscle tissue in hand servers
I take Succasunna and master is natural because of like a steroid but it’s
not a store like to think that I am Bible stories is a start main from
Opelik and actually

robby1968100 says:

Bäääh iss das hässlich ! Lauter Einstichstellen zu sehen ! Alle Fragen
gelöst …..

RandomPokecenter says:

looks like a dude

killerclown789 says:

Ugly bitch

MayorOfMoetown says:

suuuure, lets see a pic

Lorenshyne says:

just jerk it out. i type dis with 1 hand

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