Female Bodybuilder Tatiana Anderson Back Workout Demo

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Female bodybuilder Tatiana Anderson gives a demo of her back workout. She is a cometitive bodybuilder competing in 2009 at the BC Provincials.


April Hubert says:

Omg performance fitness! Never thought I’d see my small town gym in trail
bc on YouTube! 

Mike M says:

what an awesome body.. she’s hot!

osar2009 says:

OMG, that smile at 2:28 is soo sweet! I want this beast to rape me!!!

Hira Lal Chaudhary says:

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was gonna grow muscle and strength. I did not believe him. Til in just a
few weeks he gained 40 pounds of complete muscle. He made use of the Muscle
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Guntur Wu says:

@swaapo watch your language

Guntur Wu says:

@swaapo Hey dude I know that many of the bodybuilders are not natural esp
someone like her. watch your language, OK I also had a friend who is in
steroids too. I’m not that clueless when it comes to profesional BB and
drug or steroid use.

gronk007 says:

awesome…those of you who arent impressed get over it!!! look at her

schmoop14 says:

The “Muscle Bunny” moving some serious iron…


less weight more reps

irishenforcer says:

you must work out in a juice head gym then.This is not normal weight for
someone her size.90% of women couldnt even move some of what shes doing for
one rep let alone what she is doing.Even alot of guys couldnt,unless your
juiced then of course it would be easy.yes her form is somewhat lacking
whos wouldnt be? you people amaze me with your negative comments

malawri67 says:

fuckin sexy chick!strong,muscular and feminine! love you Tatiana…

FlavourFightLF says:

nice and clean done….wow…

129749 says:

waw respect for her

malawri67 says:

exactly LOL!!!! I AM A DIRTY SOB!

savoir68 says:

no sign of steroids (yet) on her.. just one heck of a body

solusbawn says:

She looks tall,so what`s her height and weight now in offseason?

Sobrowerj says:

lol, look at all the tiny weak guys in the gym.. they looks like half her
size!!! amazing!!!

Guntur Wu says:

I did T rowing just as much as she lifted here. and a lot of heavy back
exercise, then I got severe back pain for days afterward

Fern Assard (MsFitFern) says:

Im working on my size. Thanks for the video inspiration

osar2009 says:

@mikevac1978 Tons!!!

Misty Rain says:

DAMN!!! Thanks fledex. Now this vid, gave me hope that My big ass and look
good. lol Man she’s just right lol. I need to find soeone here like her to
workout with.

Guntur Wu says:

I wonder if she’s natural

sukha hanji says:

GodDamn! I would love to workout wit her!!!


horrible form on those bent over rows.

Jamrty123 says:

Her back is like a tank and she has got very big and very strong shoulder.

Rezo Chigogidze says:

ohhh tatiana u got sexy boobs

Kakarot992 says:

what a boobs?!

Crunchyblackisreal says:

She looks hot doing that.

floofoog says:

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outside even we work out well. Listen One of my friend working in fitness
field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly. you
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BlackBabesHeat88 says:

it’s funny that so many dudes get turned on here on youtube with muscular
girls and huge dominant women…. when those guys go out on the streets or
talk to friends or familiars, they would NEVER say things like “that muscle
girl is hot”… “i like muscle girls”…. NEVER… you come here to youtube
to uncover your deepest dirty fantasies…

Zrex99 says:

This is proof positive that women can look feminine and strong and there is
no reason why they can’t aspire for both.

Guntur Wu says:

@swaapo what do u mean?

dvsn23 says:

seriously, and btw form is just AS important as intensity. without form you
will not get full range of motion. obviously intensity is important but bad
form is just a bad idea

MagikDick says:

typical snivelers, would struggle trying to move 1/2 the weight

A. Murry says:

Dig Deep, push yourself and make it happen champ.

Rena Rosenquist says:

Total respect for the lady, wow!

monsterabyss240692 says:

she was the huge woman on american pie beta house

Velkar182 says:

2:31 injection site galore…

22saiyan22 says:

Cool! Abs! Nice muscles! Its very motivating!! For all people who wants to
get fit… U should keep watching her videos. Cuz its awesome!!! Karate
puncchhhhh U r my inspiration~

cokub123 says:

wow very inspiring you have any tips?

peter357 says:

How much weights was she using on those exrecises, anybody know?

URAGR8M8 says:

You remind me of the morons who go onto Ronnie Coleman videos and critique
this technique… despite the fact that he’s won Mr Olympia 8 times. Don’t
tell people how to train when they are way bigger, stronger and fitter than

JD251985 says:

why does every female bodybuilder have fake tits?? lol

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