Female Bodybuilders Pump Room – 2013 Arnold

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Various female bodybuilders pump up in the Brehm Room before the 2013 Arnold Classic female bodybuilding contest in Columbus, Ohio at the Veteran’s Memorial auditorium. For more bodybuilding news and information, check out:



zweebie says:

OR…maybe different people find different things attractive. What’s
“disgusting” to you is beautiful to someone else.

The way you express your views in this thread suggests that you are what is
known as a “bigot”: a person who is intolerant toward those holding
different opinions. Instead of calling someone a “stupid fucking bitch” for
disagreeing with you (which is the act of an intellectual weakling), try
getting used to the fact that not everybody thinks the same way you do.

ElAndroideAlternativo says:

this is the best example of steroids in women, absolutely unnatural, a
woman can´t be too muscular because if you want to develop very big
muscles with hard work you need testosterone (steroids) and those hormones
are male, they exist in a great proportion in the men, so this types of
bodies are absolutely manly.

in my personal opinion men and women shouldn´t take these drugs.
specially women because for men this is just a over production of
testosterone, but in women this is a over production of testosterone that
change your body totality!


Thomas Bradshaw says:

ooo they are totally natural, you can tell. Just organic food and filtered
water 😉 wink wink 

Robert Grant says:

the only thing missing well they look as though they need a penis. Nothing
about any of these woman? 

Bharat Sharma says:

shemales gonna look better than them only in beauty 

lllSparta x says:

why is those men dressed like girls ? 

Dejuane Randolph says:

I dont think those are girls their transgender listen to how they
talk.!!And if they are girls those bodies are so not attractive.

nocoolname32 says:

i feel like a homosexual watching this bahahaha ga rooossssss

ehsan eh says:

oh welcome to the freak show

Kaghemusha says:

Scrivo in italiano perché il mio inglese è troppo povero per i concetti che
voglio esporre.
Francamente qualcuna me la farei volentieri ma altre sono davvero
inquietanti ; il loro sex appeal è inquietante; hanno un fascino molto
molto simili a quello delle trans. L’uso di steroidi ha radicalmente
cambiato il loro essere , non solo fisicamente ; una donna che si
imbottisce di ormoni maschili subirà ,sicuramente, anche dei cambiamenti di
comportamento e personalità ; sicuramente sono persone molto molto
innaturali. Benché trovi alcune di queste donne sexy non capisco come una
persona possa fare una scelta tanto radicale.

sam Gist says:

Lmao, I admire their effort. It just funny how they still put make-up on
like it changes anything.

marlon elizaldi says:


chamboyette853 says:

This is proof of how racist the Olympics are. There are only white women in
this competition and no black women. This organisation should be sued
because this is blatant racism. I am appalled at this.

Ray Moore says:

Oje oje, ich respektiere den Sport, aber solch eine Ansammlung unnatürlich
verstellten Männerartiger Gesichtern durch die Drogen zusätzlich verstärkt,
immer mehr des Aussehens eines Mannes ähnlich und dadurch umgestaltet ist
für eine normale Frau die nicht unter dieser Art der
Minderwertigkeitskomplexen leidet nicht nachvollziehbar. Diese unnormalen
“Sportler” wollen unbedingt ins Rampenlicht um Aufmerksamkeit zu erlangen
offensichtlich hat denen der Oberschlauste von Allen (Arnie) nicht
ausgereicht, eine wirklich hübsche Frau hat ganz andere Möglichkeiten und
ohne die allgemein bekannten Drogen (auch Spritzten) sind diese “Erfolge”
sowieso nicht machbar, Betrug durch und durch, leider auch in anderem Sport
sehr vertreten, schade.

Kesha Miller says:

из-за избытка тестостерона у них даже лица как у мужиков…про тела я
вообще молчу.

zg123 says:

I really feel sad for these women, sorry for not being PC but they look
like freaks with a genetic disorder… I wonder if the damage they’ve
caused their body is reversible 

ken kuots says:

they dont even look like a women…more like muscular men with wigs

Anonimus XP says:

Lo mas horrible del mundo! Ver tantas mujeres con cuerpos de varones….que
asco….que necesidad? Lo más triste es que ya ni siquiera vuelven a ser
las mismas del comienzo! Igual son feas… Cara y cuerpo de macho…eso
nadie se los quita…que asco

Florin Popa says:

nice bodies but you will need a bag to do it with this ladies

Lakaido Niman says:

sorry but there aint human beings anymore

Scott Maclean says:

All beautiful women! Muscular, but lovely just the same.

Matt Biden says:

I bet I can still kick all of their asses. Muscles don’t mean shit when
your still a bitch. 

bikebeerrun1960 says:

Working with weights is good for people of either gender-I don’t know witch
one these are. This is A chemically fuelled FREAK SHOW.

guillermo elias lozano says:

saludos de peru.. este deporte extremo hace que la mujer pierda su encanto
femenino no hjay que abusar 

Cosmotrol says:

because they roll in the mud before?

!POTATO says:


kurt gonzales says:

There boobs disappeared. Eww

MrToonfish says:

Clits like my 6.5″ .44 Magnum S&W 29 ! :-)

Aaron Birkholz says:

I thought that they were phasing out the creepy steroided our transvestite
look in the female bodybuilding now, apparently not… So gross, reminds
me of road kill, you dont wanna look, but you cant help it

peter prestor says:

The only one who looks feminine here is Brigita Brezovac (the blonde who
talk with another competitor).All others look like men.

Lee Makin says:

look at there facial features. they look like men. i reckon its cos of the
steriods which can develop male hormones.

Mykovich says:

Ахахахаха! И это женщины?! И смех, и грех. Всё, что осталось – это лифчик и

coecovideo says:

they do not look nice to my eyes, sorry

Mark Douglas says:


Abam Abam says:


sergeyrsg says:

как в зоопарке на обезьян смотрят все на них )))

RussianVideoClips says:


mlcollins10 says:

they are taking male hormones, of course = lower voice, greater muscle
development. This is not androgynous, it is just weird. Curiously ugly.

Isaac Alston says:

@ 3:12 She is probably the only good looking one. The others look like
transgenders O_O

John Baker says:

these are some seriously ugly chicks

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