Female Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation – To The Stars (Muscle Factory)

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Atomic EDM says:

80% males watch this… Lol.

Klaeebe's says:

i wonder if more guys watch this then girls lol

iWontLose.com says:

Phenomenal video!! Salute from iwontlose channel.

Don Killuminati says:

girl at 2:52??

Ranton Persay says:

I support girls working out, it makes them sexier, unless they get
bulky/get abs, ew…
But if a girl works out to get those sexy curves, nice ass, etc, that is

Lara Bear says:

whats the name of that asian girl?

Lazcosa nostra says:

love it;

Berty Mindzak says:

We are keepers of our DREAMS!

Irina Vinichenko says:

Scientific evidence show that you could optimize your muscles building
process 2x-3x quicker; by simply adjust your eating plan. Because the time
you spend for the workout room is just 3% of all your time.

Alejandro de Varona says:

This is a very sick motivational video, can’t get enough. 

Gislaine Santos says:

Melhor jeito de sempre se sentir bem!!

ururuty says:

its sad that they eat meat and think that they are healthy

Con Demetriou says:

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Jéssica Sestrem says:

PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE 🙂 ,You are welcome !

Jesus feliciano ayala says:
Константин Константинов says:

просто АНГЕЛЫ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ol kull says:

I guarantee that there is more guys watching this video than there is girls
watching it.

John Doe says:

This video motivates my wiener to get up and do something!

BE TIM says:

who was the last girl we see please ?

winnerswebnetwork says:

Champion focus, Great Job Nice Video, Well Done = John —– Winners Web
aka Guitarist Trevor T. Reed

Kazuma Kuwabara says:

It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these other people
accomplish it easily with Ready Set Ripped (Look it up on google).

El Koyote says:

Very Very Nice (y)

MultiSexterminator says:

Fit and sporty women usually are natural brunettes. Blondes are more into
parties while brunettes are doing exercises and become fitter and fitter!

Nikos Xeni says:

All those sexy definitions… mmmm :P

Yoric Ricci says:

Belle fiche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would like train with you………..

Cheeky Oziechick says:

Did body building for two years.. Desperate to get back into it. This has
motivated me. Great motivational video. 

marcus people says:

More of the products you are looking for here??

m pachanga says:

What the Name from the Fitness Model 1:55min – 1:58min.

Pompomatic says:

This video ain’t directed towards men… No not all all.. 

kattherine OP says:

thank you, i’m gettin up from bed :)

maria deza says:


Jose A Rojas says:

who´s 1:41 minute??

niko muñoz says:


harsha nuwan says:


Maya K says:

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@MAYA_ARABELLA for fitness recipes and lifestlye =)

TheBC2683 says:

This is hot for some reason..

Nathaniel Guerreiro says:

subscribe me and watch my new video

Shadowfaxcs says:

damn,check out these babes xD

thepro08 says:

this is ridicolous, attention wh… are not bodybuilding, they just come to
the gym to get attention, to distract, to talk and to show off their outfit
with their… hangout. most of this girls are strippers or cover models,
they are naturaly skinny they dont work hard… they just put plastic and
are annoying as children. get some self respect and workout ok?

Marcel Pěnkava says:
Jonathan Waters says:

What is the name of that beautiful brunette at 1:20 doing a machine squat
exercise? Please tell me!

alb leopard blackhead says:

is very good to exercise the body, but the fact is that at this level is
not health but vanity.

Louie Farone says:

Female Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation – To The Stars (Muscle Factory)!

Ferdy Arthanto says:
Isaac Wårheden says:

Sooo yeah i dont think any girls watched this video LOL

Bodybuilding says:

Mit der richtigen Motivation geht alles einfacher…..

#fitness #sport #fitnessstudio

Mara Marculescu says:

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