Female Bodybuilding Heavy Weight Routine & Results – Labor Day 2014

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Female Bodybuilding Heavy Weight Routine & Results – Labor Day 2014.This competition took place at Muscle Beach on Labor Day 2014. Contestants are: Toni Brown and Arelys Benitez.This video was filmed with the Sony fdr-ax100 camcorder. Enjoy

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1) Exigence by Machinimasound.com



Brandon Thomas says:

That ass tho

thefluffychewbacca says:

one in the blue forgot to diet for the show … but she looks GAF

Nightowl358 says:

I like the chick on the right. 

TheYoungShot says:

I was just waiting for one of their dicks to fall out of those bikinis

nellouffa says:

the girl in the blue doesn’t know how to pose

gwenven says:

26 was awesome. So impressed.

nagone11 says:

Toni Brown looks like a muscular Malcom McDowell with a bra !!

Jason BlaBlaBlaha says:

#12 gave up her gender to try and win this competition and still lost, it
must be pissed.

ThisIsMetv says:

The one on the right in the blue bikini though! Man she can get it!

MadWeiner . says:

They need to swap lower halves.

Jim Giant says:

Princess Diana looking swole.

woo2fly21 . says:

Kool vid. You not shooting in 4k anymore?

MMAGillz says:

so how heavy is womens heavyweight?
and how much can she squat? lol

thatsG100 says:

These arent women children. These are what we call whales in my country 

Arch P says:

omarisuf has nice legs

Mike Eldred says:

The girl in red is hot!

jorge fernandez says:

Arelys Benitez…..yeah!

MMAGillz says:

these 2 are like opposites, one with a huge lower body and the other with
huge upperbody lol. that girl in blue has some serious legs and ass hahaha

MrYorkieLover Fitness says:

Female Bodybuilding Heavy Weight Routine & Results – Labor Day 2014

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