Five Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Bodybuilding

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Just a list of the top things I feel are the most important things for beginners to know.

Starting Strength:

Nutrition (read the stickies):


Daisy Sanderson says:

Everybody is able to gain at least 10 pounds muscle mass in 8 weeks and get

Operation Bodybuilding says:

“Form is key” I agree, I remember when a mentor taught me of muscle mind
connection and how the weight is just the tool to put stress on the muscle.
After learning a little form and the importance of not using momentum to
just move the weight, my lifts went way down but then my size exploded and
pretty soon I was lifting more with good form than I was with poor form and
risking getting hurt.

herbalifethecat says:

this is awesome!

Gilmore Fitness says:

Haha, thank you.

Max Garratt says:

weres the links for the beginner programme?

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