Muscle girl Sophie Arvebrink: Heavy back workout

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Muscle girl Sophie Arvebrink performing a heavy back workout.
@ Delta Gym in Stockholm Sweden December 2014.

Instagram: sophiearvebrink

Music: I´m everywhere – TeknoAXE


SinanG58 says:

dude I could jerk off on this…

MultiSexterminator says:

She is hot and she is Swedish! I have noticed that nearly all fitness
models are natural brunettes today, even in Scandinavia. What makes
brunettes so much fitter than blondes? Why from year to year more and more
sports champions are not longer blondes, but brunettes? There must be a
secret of the increasing brunette domination in athletics …

Max says:

How much do you weight? :D

Tracey Taylor says:

I would blow my uterus out doing deadlifts that heavy lol

jdhockey12 says:

I’ve never been scared and horny at the same time, until today

Unapologetic Geek says:

Sophie please join Twitter :)

BeautyCutrightFitness says:

You are so freaking pretty! My motivation. Beauty with muscle =)

Roronoa Zoro says:

holy fuck she is HELLA jacked

Vincent Costanzi says:

I never did master the dead lift technique, but made up for it with killer
squats, now to tackle those pull ups, lol.

frank molnar says:

not about that life sorry.. the Decca she’s on would probly cause her
accuse me of cheating resulting in cutting my cock off 

MonstaOPM says:

I want her to knock me the fuck out, then nurse me when I regain

WarriorWomanOfGod says:

Girl, you are so inspiring and pretty! I am curious, how did you get to
lift so much? I know we all gotta start somewhere. How much did you start
out and how quick do you increase?

Chabo Babo says:

Awesome. Please more Videos.

Даниил Шапкин says:

хм… такая мускулатура, и девушка очень красивая… 

Kassa Novaa says:

La esposa de jesus 😮 !!!!!!!!!!!! 

5pecialist says:

+Sophie Arvebrink You should make more videos! Maybe do Q&As. Do you have a

Michael Hammetter says:

Great balance in strength and beauty.

Unknown says:

Parents walked in the room, had to switch to porn, easier to explain lol.

Harmony Love says:

nice job girl :)) I am proud of ya 

TooMuchEase says:

3:48 Dat ass doe

Sonia Li says:

Du är min största inspiration! Sjukt grym är du, men jag har en bit kvar på

Guilherme Heinzelmann Benta says:

Now I’m wondering if Sophie watches Markiplier :P

Rock N says:

She’s hot!

UnforsakenXII says:

Those fucking lats are gross though.

ThePromisedWLAN says:

0:43 Best *pornography* on the internet.

Jonas Huovila says:

Riktigt bra tränat. :)

Du D says:

I was not expecting that face to be on that body.

Ashley Kissane says:

now you are with gymshark will they be sponsoring you and taking you to
expo’s around the world!? 😀 please make more videos!

Brian Reid says:

Love all.your videos your a amazing athlete 

chukaai says:

incredible strength! you are every bit as strong as you look ;-)

Woot Woot says:

Sophie, you are my hero! Please post more videos like this. Every time you
do, I get so motivated! You are amazing. #SwoleModel #TeamSophie

Adam Attesjö says:

10/10 would bang

prescott da prince says:

awesome workout video sophie keep it up 

Aldridge Alfie Phiri says:

Great video, not loving the music overlay though. I wanna hear everything

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