6 Bodybuilding Tips For Teenagers | GHOGH Fitness

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Important advice for teens starting out in the world of bodybuilding!

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Aaditya Badekar says:

i am from India, 14 yrs old, I’m skinny as well as i want to build my
shoulders as well as i want to build my muscles of hand. Please which
exercises should I perform.

reece lunnon says:

amazing bro

Moneet Gill says:

I’m turning 16 on the 8th of april and I weigh about 73kg. My body is weak
as hell…. I can’t do a single pushup/chinup but I can do some pushups but
not that many. I started lifting weights a week ago but I can only lift
7-8kg dumbbells and I also do cardio (rope jumping). Some kids my age can
lift 15+kg and it is kinda embarrassing that I cant do more than 10. I
train all of my body arms,legs,chest,abs except back because I can’t do
pullups yet. I want to lose weight but gain muscle at the same time that’s
why I started lifting weights. I need help.

icmetal says:

I only have dumb bells any tips 

James Munoz says:

3:16 does that mean weed too?? :D

chad wild says:

Ok man thanks

NinjaKing878 says:

I’m 14 and i way about 137 i wanna lose wait cause my belly kinda flabby i
lift weight during gym class when we go to the weight room

MacJFitness says:

Good tips bro!

Joseph Spencer says:

Great advice Zuby. Being a teen, I see too many of us kind of just messing
around in the gym and not focusing on compound movements and the
nutritional part of bodybuilding…. We’re young, we’re new, but we’re
improving, and that’s thanks to people like you. 

chad wild says:

Zuby I am 14 but overweight and ive been dieting and running every day can
u post a video for some help please and thanks I think ur doing an awesome

Adrian Verhalen says:


Adrian Verhalen says:

Keep the videos up 

Adrian Verhalen says:

They are but it was a particular body part I was wanting to make even
bigger and I do all those AND THANKS FOR THE REPLY I appreciate it 

Adrian Verhalen says:

What’s your opinion on deadLift and I’m 17just turned I’m 5’11 188lb
I’ve been working out since 14 and I’m having trouble getting my triceps I
have long arms and everything else is looking good on my physique but I
can’t get my triceps big

Can you give me 3 bulking exersizes that are your faves and how many
workouts should I do I’m self taught I’ve learned on my own the hard way
that 5 to6 Mabye 7 is too much how many should I do on arm day for triceps

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