Aesthetic Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation Workout in London ft. Jeff Seid, Alon Gabbay, Matt Ogus

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Dagger 323 says:

Gayest video ever

Daniel Gonzalez says:

everyone here sucks, except jeff seid. Like honestly they are shredded but
have no symmetry or are uneven.

Brandon is Motivated says:

All i see are a bunch of douchebags who are very cocky

Miroslava Borisova says:

Hello everyone and thank you for joining my page!
Few words about me: I have been interested in fitness and wellbeing since I
was in my early teens and finally decided to turn my hobby into career. I
will be offering nutrition plant and training programs over the internet to
help everyone achieve the body they dream of.
At the moment I am still taking my qualifications so I am not fully
licensed to offer services at this moment, but I will be happy to answer
questions as far as I have the knowledge to!

Dalibor Petrinic says:

I newer understood why all the fitness videos are related to bodybuilding?
What’s bodybuilding have to do with health and fitness? It’s all about the
who will abuse more roids and for the so called “naturals” who will hide
their usage better. So sad, when will people finally open their eyes… 

Rajiv Sporkslede says:

Can someone tell me the name of the music at the end? Please thanks.

Gilberto Oliveira says:

delicia de rapazes ver eles nun filme de artes marciais e ve eles
apanhando seria um tesão

YunGunIT says:

youtube natty?

LB AB bro says:

who’s the one how looks like a girl with biceps

13th of Lelouch says:

Looking at this at 2014, Jeff has made some decent progress in one year. He
looks pretty small in the video comparatively to what is now.

Jesse Lopez says:

Jeff’s hair is his best attribute hands down

Diego Venegas says:

Quisiera poder entrenar con genios así..
Poder subir el ritmo de adrenalina al máximo y descubrir el potencial que
tengo dentro mio Y Entrenar con el ritmo de ellos a ver si puedo
alcanzarlos o seguirlos
Saludos desde argentina Motivador profesional jeff seid (y)

william kosse says:

Do they drink protein shakes ?

billy blue says:

These guys physiques are sick no doubt, but boppin about in random gyms
with there tops off is douchey and cringey

Son Goku says:

narcicistic faggots

ViktorVaughan says:

I have lot of respect for the their discipline, physique and huge amounts
of work they’ve put in. But being topless at the gym with fucking caps worn
backwards just screams douchebag. I get you’d want to show off your bodies
but have a little modesty about it. Other than that. respect.

carlos peñarol says:

natural? are you fucking kidding me?

Josh0 says:

Gayest start to a video ever.

Ricardo Santos IV says:

These guys are all SO MUCH bigger now! Trippy 

xXP1RaT3 says:

please do not look up to these phaggots. they are everything wrong with the
BB community. 

Alessandro Bonanni says:

Natural 0. Only CLOWNS!.look at the true physical nature of a Champion, for
example Michael Phelps, then look in the mirror, what are painful!

Lukas Woo says:

Gabbay the best symetry and aesthetic,Ogus nice proportions. Lavado Sick
back details nice triceps but shoulders too small.Seid nice wide shoulders
and wide back but chest looks flat. This is just my opinion.

Dennis Allen says:

Bodybuilding culture is so strange. It appears douchey at a glance, but
it’s really just admiration of the human physique.

Moţoc Adrian says:

what’s the name of the first song?

bar says:

holy shit

Mrpuma444 says:

Фитнес это.

Edgar Zelaya says:

Is possible to get a body like this without roids?

Bubulsls Hay says:

Zyzz – King of aesthetic
Jeff Sied – Bitch of aesthetic

Efrain Vazquez says:

you should be doing something…not just working your fingers.
hater gonna hate…keep up the bad work guys…show that Cali love in UK…

Troy dejesu says:

lavados double bicep at 4:08 is REALLY embarrassing lmao, its not even a

Pavel Macháček says:

”Natural” :DD

Vera Morais says:

hmm… mt bom… i like so much 

Andrew Suarez says:

HI dude!
I got some questions for you.
1: How long have you trained for to get that body? (sense you got started)
2: How much do you eat per day? (and what do you eat)
3:Do you take anything extra with your meals. Like nutrition pills or
whatever? (Maxman, ripped caps, w-protein)
4: How often do you go to the gym. And how much do you rest up?

Great video! Nice motivation 🙂

Almighty Alious says:

Fuckin wow !!! man ,keep up the good hard work 

James Marot says:

Jeff Seid and bling man look the greatest! Nice going guys…bless


This is nothing, for using steroids.

aldo salmon says:

You Honestly are going to kill your self over body fat !!!! Dude , Wake
the FK UP!!!! 

alex debruyne says:

It’s funny becouse he’s fat hahaha

Oh wait, he isn’t o_O

Brayan Stivena says:

that height is matt ogus

Club Paradise Fitness says:

Aesthetic Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation Workout in London CHECK THIS
Aesthetic Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation Workout in London ft. Jeff
Seid, Alon Gabbay, Matt Ogus

Simo Metalhead says:

Jeff doing them half-reps on the daily

Emron Urbanice says:

why they no like alone he’s cool

Michael Ryan says:

For people who question whether they are natural.. Lol they arent even out
of this world big.. 4 years of strict diet and hard training with decent
genes u can attain this physique natty. They arent even huge just have good
mass and are very ripped…

Hop The Border Productions says:

I gain muscle really easy, but I’m 5’6 and 19 , what sucks is because
people feel like they should be better than you In there head they can’t
face the fact you’re doing Good and they wish they were so i bet when i
reach a certain point people will assume “steroids” just so that they can
sleep better at night, It’s a defense mechanism, To calm the jealousy they
put something on you so that your results are no longer Real to them, Yet
i bet if they were to gain they would be telling people there stupid for
assuming there on steroids, Yeah some people are , but the body is fully
capable of getting as ripped as these guys in the video on its own, If it
wasn’t Than the human body would be horrible at producing muscle.

Brayan Stivena says:

that height is matt ogus

omar mario says:

keep going guys

Christopher Patrick says:

Aesthetics seem cool and all, but I feel like it’s for pretty boys only

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