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Alicia’s full program and much more:
Former collegiate track athlete Alicia Harris needed an outlet for her competitive drive. She found it on the stage. Follow her plan and learn how to eat and train like a pro!

Sometimes, we go searching for fitness. Other times, it seems to find us. For Alicia Harris, athleticism and competition are part of her destiny.

It is her history with sports and her love of competition—not to mention great genetics—that have helped her shine in the stage spotlight.

This cover model competes often and trains hard, but she also understands that life does not begin and end in the gym.

While she attributes a lot of her mental, emotional, and spiritual health to what she accomplishes in the gym, she also likes to shop, go out for dinner, and even snack on M&Ms.

Learn how Alicia combines an easy-going nature with her drive to be the best.

Sports run in Alicia’s blood: Her mother and father were both college athletes, and her two brothers naturally followed suit. “One of my brothers is still a professional track athlete,” Alicia says. “He runs for my mother’s country of Guyana.”

Alicia earned a full-ride scholarship to run track in college, but after graduating, she found herself a little lost. “I always wanted to be an athlete and I always wanted to compete,” she says. “So, I decided to embark in figure competitions.” Because she hadn’t yet been exposed to a physique competition, a friend took her to his bodybuilding show so Alicia could see for herself. “I saw the girls on stage and thought, ‘I can do that!'” she says.

Ready for a new challenge, Alicia took a crash-course in training and nutrition from a friend. Even with minimal prep, Alicia stormed the stage and earned fifth place at her first show. That was all the motivation she needed to keep going.

She recalls, “After that fifth place, I wanted to do better. So, I kept doing it and learned more. That’s where it’s brought me today, five years into it.”

Alicia continues to train not just to create a trophy-winning physique, but also to hone all aspects of her life. “My focus in this sport doesn’t just help my fitness, but also my mental strength and discipline,” she says. “I have to be physically fit, but I also have to be motivated enough and mentally strong to get through it.” She also draws upon her spiritual strength. “I’m a believer [in God],” she says. “He helps me stay on course.”

The people around add fuel to the fire. When she receives positive messages on Facebook or Twitter, or speaks to fans at expos and shows, she feels inspired to continue. “I’m more motivated when I know I’m motivating someone else,” Alicia says.


The Fitness JEM | Jena` E. Utley says:

I would love to see more of her! I love her training philosophy and her

Aimee Reece says:

LOVED THIS! So many women in fitness can be too intense or a little phony
but Alicia is awesome! I want to see more of her and more of women like
her! Smart, honest, genuine, dedicated. 

Karen M. Baker says:

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in two months from now no matter how fat or skinny you’re.

pleasantcrew says:

I love her laid back approach!

draco anderson says:

ARRGH! says:

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Hilda Lopez says:

very nice =) 

v4vendetta37 says:

this is great
it shows that you can still eat out and enjoy food even when you’re
i hate when people say you cant have alcohol or you have to weigh your
portions to be successful when training 

ThriftersAnonymous says:

Loved this. Very inspiring lady. 

darius m says:

U go Gul 

oboyy . says:

That’s one crazy asymmetric face

Darrin Evans says:

I thought this video was Awesome.Great job !!!!!

Eugene Shin says:

one of my favorites!!! she’s awesome!!!

Julius Caesar Longhorn says:

Good god Alicia is so beautiful! Thanks for the info.

marcos meza says:

need to stay up do date with the women side of the fitness sport i may
spend to much time looking at the men bodybuilding:) gonna start ordering
MaF hers

Rose2gard says:

I have the magazine that she is on the cover on Body building for women!
Love her!

Travis Rios says:

When she’s says 5 years she means everything??? Started
training/competeting and became sponsored by and on??? God damn lol.

HereCuzImBoard says:

say guh lemme holla at dat booty I make em cheeks clap n then give u some
of this d nom sayin ?

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She has the most beautiful teeth I have ever seen

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