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There are a lot of pretty girls out there. We see them all the time. They flash brightly into our lives and are gone just as fast. But beautiful women that are strong, rare, and elusive remain in our lives forever. Amanda Latona redefines beauty. Once you see her, you won’t forget.
Latona has skipped around the surface of the pop world since she was a teen of the ’90s. Learn about her beginnings in the chorus, the gym, on the stage, and in front of the camera.
Learn what she eats, how she trains, and check out her favorite supplements. Learn who Amanda is so you can work, succeed, and lift like Amanda does.
Follow Amanda’s supplementation plan to recover, repair, and build a dream bikini physique. You are what you eat. Follow Amanda’s nutrition plan to fuel your workouts, promote recovery, and build a bombshell physique. Follow Amanda Latona’s high-octane training regimen to build a stage-worthy bikini physique!


Million Dollar Baby Fitness says:

A great video with the lovely Amanda Latona talking about her fitness
career, training, diet and supplementation.

Lizzy Heard says:

A great video with the lovely Amanda Latona talking about her fitness
career, training, diet and supplementation.

PJ Tass says:

Hi, I like to link your vids to my hobby site. I like to ask for your

jonasobado says:

If you’ve seen her other videos, Amanda seems like a great person to hang
out with. She’s very funny in those videos. 

emily cook says:


redzone1730 says:

her eyes <3

Odessa W. McCarroll says:

Everyone can increase at least 10 lbs muscle in 60 days and get ripped

I says:

I got so inspired by her I am now training my right forearm

Ashley Ruth says:

I love you Amanda Latona!!! Hope to meet her at Olympia! 

Joshua Crisp says:


winnerswebnetwork says:

World Class Champion All The Way, You are indeed to be Respected, Great Job
Nice Video, Well Done = John —– Winners Web Network
aka Guitarist Trevor T. Reed

John Chabon says:

She’s so hot wanna bone her..

hermythewormy says:

Very inspiring :)

Jo says:

Man I wish you were my trainer!

MyFaveWorkouts83 says:

I LOVE her! 

BeStrongWithNataly by Natalia Zorina says:

I liked that!!! One day I will hv a personal trainer 

ariana salgado says:
MrEdium says:


aperron18 says:

eat well 2 days then have a cheat meal bahahaha.. glad she brought that up.
I love ppls excuses..

mohd amer says:

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i’m in love i wish i could marry a woman like her i also like to workout so
she’s my kind of girl

Health and Fitness Page says:

Amanda Latona’s Fitness Program 

Ali Suliman says:

the top comment is so true

TauristarGlawar says:

10:15 LOVE IT! ;D hf gg

tratorta says:

yeah, and they also have a lot of time to devote to that. I workout but
everything seems so slow, you know? The results…I wish I had more time to
put into it.

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