Body Transformation-Cancer to Bodybuilder

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Zach Zeiler says:

It was my dream as a kid to create a YouTube video with over a million
views. You guys have went above and beyond to make that a reality so thank
you. Please check out the rest of my channel and where I am now (Almost 5
years after Cancer treatments.)

Chaa ange says:

Your girlfriend is the best, man.

Colin Van Der Woude says:

I honestly thought I had already posted the *best* motivational videos I
have seen over the last couple of days they are NOTHING on this – *RESPECT*
This video makes my desire to get to the gym this morning the strongest
ever thanks man you make me shiver in awe of the human spirit and the power
to beat any challenge life decides to throw at us

Body Transformation-Cancer to Bodybuilder:

Lorenzo La Medica says:

Good job man!!
I’m in cancer treatments right now and I was a rugby player here in
Italy..when my body start to change I cry every day and cry and cry because
I’ve a great body and I think that impossible after chemo return at my past I see your video and you give me so much of positive things to
my negative mind so thank you for inspire me and sorry for my English..

benjaav07 says:

im really happy and proud of this guy. from cancer to muscular! wow amazing.

but just allow me to ask a few questions and please friends hep me.
ive just turned 19yo and siknny plus am 62kg at 1m73cm (5 foot 8 inches).
1.guys you think its tall enough for a guy?
2. will i grow taller and/or how to grow taller at least to 6ft?
3. how much time will it take me to get a body like Zach if i train without
any protein or steroids etc?
and happy day =D

BeansAndTricks says:

Wow, this is so inspiring. Back in 2011 I was diagnosed with Leukemia
Cancer and I was in pretty bad shape. Now I’m 16 and I’m trying to get fit,
just like an athlete. This videos inspired me to get more fit, stronger,
and healthier. God bless you man! Great job!

Novembre Pleut says:

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Cthulhu The Fabulous says:

I fucking love my genetics lol. Exercising a few times a month(eating well
though) and looking like his last pic without any effort. Can run 10km in
40 min without any training what so ever. But to see this guy starting from
the lowest of low and reaching that physique is really cool and makes me
want to see how far I could reach if I put effort into it so thanks!

Amir says:

Did you just go to the gym or did you do something else? Ans how much time
did it take you?

Brooks Wineberg says:

Now I feel like a pussy.. haha amazing work though brotha! Continue to get
big so whenever you hear someone complain about their gains you can just
laugh that much harder.

ZANO says:

inspiring but that tank top is retarded HAHAHA 

Sunny phalore says:

This guy has a strong mental capacity too growing isn’t just physical its
the mind also after cancer you show everyone life is worth living if you
want it , its out there

Per Paki says:

who are those 1,048 dislikers??? SRS

Peter Steman says:

Did he recover the nuclear launch codes and rescue the hostages? The music
ended in such a cliffhanger, I couldn’t tell.

nassim479 says:

please give me the second song name thnx 

Алексей Каричкин says:

Ебанько какой-то. Рак должен был забрать его.

Eric Cruciani says:

Wow just wow people are really stupid not realizing that when you have
cancer they give you steroids in some cases to help now this guys ripped
and still on roids that bodybuilding?
and you say when you were a kid but you only look around 20 and youtube
only got bought around 2006 sooo i guess you were a relly stupid kid since
youtube wasnt popular the

AMmorningRadio says:

i love how his girlfriend stayed with him the hole time

DJaviS C says:

hello somebody tell the name of the song of 0.05 to 3:07 please

BliebandRHYNO says:

12 inch arms

Certas Gerele says:

From nice kid and girl that loves you to jerk who thinks hes better, sad…

William Ye says:

You look like Linus from LinusTechTips.

MsKinkaku Gigi says:

hello somebody tell the name of the song of 0.05 to 3:07

MrTopGunnar says:

awesome vid but what were you thinking when you made that tank LOL

ThatManAdrian says:

Zach is freaking sexy! dang

Jhonny Freitas says:

Melhor video de inspiração!

Kevin Martinez says:

he shirt u wore in the gym is more like a body thong

Habiby Fitness says:

Checkout my six month Natural Body Transformation, and Zubscribe Thanks

Nitu Bogdan says:

What is the background song called, “when you this is my fight back” i

Denis Feliciano says:

Respect !

bart4runescape says:

I still cry everytime.

John Lebesis says:

You’re amazing mate. Inspiring.. I’ve had this in my family… It’s a
massive battle just recovering.. Most of the idiots who comment on here
with nothing but negativity are empty souls walking around. How could
anyone post ANYTHING negative about this story or video?? 

WhiteCherry says:

This maid me cry!

Leanarda Andrade says:

What the song u used in the video??,also congrats for surviving cancer!!!

Joel Burch says:

Yea its very sad and whatever but wtf was that song at the beginning

Kevin Volk says:

Congrats, but that shirt is gay as fuck dude throw it away.

Karolina Drożdżyńska says:

Man, I don’t know what to say.. This work that u did .. It’s amazing. You
give hope and couse of this video everyone knows – everything is possible.
Thank u so much and hang on!

thatbwoy says:

Great transformation truly inspired. Keep up the good work. It’s made me
wanna push myself even harder. #NOEXUSES 

jeffre celdran says:

may i asked if where did you bought that color blue 3:56 and white 4:13
Stripe Open Side Muscle Shirt? thanks for the reply!

UFOkillz says:

How long did it take you to get a six pack man?

Momar Guy says:

A strong Senate bill 219 supporter

Alex Runhaar says:

Full Natty Bro , ROFL!

Pedro García says:

Lets take a moment to see that at 3:12 you can see a nude…

starhit says:

Amazing story, amazing transformation, amazing will power, much blessings
to you my friend.

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