Bodybuilding and Fitness Model Jeff Seid Training Arms! – Motivation

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Purchase Jeff’s stringer tank here:

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TheSiimur says:

why is it so dark? aaha

MrLegscissor3 says:

How long has it taken for you to get the body you have now?

Rick Glatte says:

song at the end of the video pls.

Nick V says:

you have a poverty chest

Thành Hoàng says:

Finally, a video about Jeff Seid without having to see his tounge.

mbk143 says:

i bet he is natural lol

kristijanvkns says:

he has nice legs

owievisie says:

Ordered the same stringer, sick colors

Shannell Grant says:

sexy sexy beast. i could watch this al day

southparkgeek12 says:

horrible form, go steroids

nick Christ says:

I’ve seen other videos of this dude, he’s way to cocky and needs his ego
chopped down a bit

LiveLifeOnYourTerms says:


dearsuman1 says:

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giannis papadopoulos says:

1.05 looks like i do the rep, not a pro…..!

David Tran says:

that vest! I cant find it in the store :/

DuduSteaua says:

Use a towel fag.

Ben Francis says:


Tricky Trick says:

Hello everyone. Very good film. My older brother had been flabby. He
improved his body from 284lbs of fat to 203 lbs of genuine muscle mass.
That shit was crazy! I just registered personally because I wanna
strengthen. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

HevyToy says:

i have blye gymshark shorts, what singlet does it match?

yournewfarther says:

Steroids*, oh and learn to spell imbecile.

EctoBB says:

Song name please anyone?

Ceek says:

its called Tren/clen

adriano chelentano says:

old man at 1:02 own jeff sorry brah

Jimmy Wider says:

bro u are good, pls do tracklist in the description

Seb Jarvis says:


wiz khalida says:

is my dick one of those 7 foods? cuz you can EAT MA DICK

Tony Do says:

Love dat stinger vest. TDO chekin’ in.

10krunr says:

what a fucking sick cunt

Rani Dahl-Olsen says:

Sickknt grandpa @1:01

aleqsandre seid says:

fucking body ^_^

Mark says:

Why is everyone saying he’s closest to zyzz??? Ill put Steve Cook way
closer to zyzz then this fag

basketaru says:

Man he got a sick Physique

Colby Miller says:

The Justin beiber of bodybuilding. Haha just kidding.

Steve Castillo says:

i would be too if i had his physique lol

Fredrik Hedenberg says:

Need legs and i would rank him next to zyzz

rickylascaze001 says:

How can protein powder be a type of steroid? Protein can be found in
regular meals like chicken, fish, bread etc. Protein powder is just a form
of concentrated/isolated protein. If protein powder was steroids than that
means that we humans have been eating steroids for decades… So no to your
first question and another no to your second question. How do you expect to
get as big as Ronnie Coleman without working out? Even if you use steroids
you wouldn’t get that big without working out.

bharti sharma says:

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dam ziz says:

Swedish house mafia greyhond

Cole Wiggins says:

Anyone know the song?. Haha thanks

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