Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation – Dreams Do Come True – Kai Greene Jeff Seid Alon Gabbay

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Dreams Do Come True.
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ant8066 says:

steroids party.

iliftbro says:

1:36 look at those titties….makes me think this guy is not natty

diovthet says:

I was waiting for Kai to dwarf them

Gabe Moreno says:

As hard as I try, I can’t seem to get that big. Keep eating, keep training,
and keeping it natural, we’ll see how i get in years to come

terrasixx12 says:

Kai Green should Take his Sweater off:D

FrankoiNHD says:

What do alon gabbay and jeff seid cycle? 

Fuark Brah says:

Oh fuck of with this cringey motivational music bullshit you fake natty

Ashutosh Malhotra says:

not even a single squat was done that day.

Arsen K says:

1:36 gynaecomastia 1:55 steroids acne holes.
“natural aesthetic “

flutiexxx says:

Would rather bench 3 plates and look average than be a ripped metro who
struggles to bench 2.

FrancoCT15 says:

This is for the ladies!! Nope this is for the grapefruits!!

EatOrLumby says:

All I needed to know is “raiser” instead of “razor”, to know theyre about
as Natty as Kai

MrJeffChamps says:

For the ladies bruh

Adrian Barisano says:

“this is for the ladies” NOPE, I TRAIN HARD FOR ME, NOT FOR OTHER PEOPLE!

huntsman71 says:

it takes more than steriods to look this good!
stop hating you pricks!

Zasd Asd says:

for the ladies?

these juice heads probably lost the use of their penis years ago, the only
injecting they do is steroid needles in their butt

The Heroes Workshop says:

Kai Greene = BodyBuilding Yoda. 

zSweede says:

funny how theres no leg exercises or shots off their legs. Kai would

Maniahg says:

5 Natty kings!


I percer the ” massif ” muscul

Methamphetamine says:

Hello Jeff, I know you probably wont read this but I have an important
question to ask you. If i go to the gym 7 days a week, what do you
recommend me doing. What muscles should I work on different days? I mean
like Monday I can do legs, Tuesday Biceps-Triceps, Wednesday Chest… What
do you recommend me doing. Thank you so much if you took the time to read
or reply to this message. I am trying to become as big as you and you’re my
idol. I love you (no homo). And would be AMAZING if you could actualy make
a short video explaining everything. 🙂 Stay cool bro. -Vincent

ares ballester says:

Dreams do come true if you take the right dosage.

TechEvolver95 says:

Amateurs. Lazar Angelov is better than you all.

Dan Matteucci says:

you i want to be part of the team..

captain sum ting wong says:

Lmao dude jeff seid looks like a fuckin queer lol not his body but his face
lol it just looks goofy

OriginalYTName says:

I hate the way Jeff looks at the camera, such a faggot.

Nik Pokushevsky says:

Great physique,but boy they look like a bunch of jackasses.
especially the one with the hat..he looks like he would’ve lick his own
balls if he could

extremebiologic says:

This Fake nattys will be EXPOSED !

Shelly Nun-Chucks says:

Bravo on all your hard work guys. I been working hard on getting a 6 pack,
I had a severe injury couldn’t walk for 3 days, and no money for surgery.
So my leg was wrapped from my hip to past my knee. One year I walked with a
limp and gained 63 pounds. I slowly started walking right and took the 63
pounds and got back into the gym. Working on getting a 6 pack myself. I
am doing this without no stomach operation, no steroids, no botox, no
liposuction and it’s just working out. I do understand that I will have to
increase my intake of food more. This is hard stuff. I wanted to more
toned than I am now and I do know this is hard work. Keep it up guys.

5megamind says:

raisersharp? really?

MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ says:

1:36 jeff seid gyno

Jackson Muncy says:

Kai Greene is just full of Bodybuilding wisdom, like the Mahatma Gandhi of
the bodybuilding world.

Barneebunchkilla says:

The result of Steroids + Hard Work + Good Nutrition

WestCoastDon448 says:

bunch of fags workin out in the gym with their shirts off

osousa. says:

legend of fagstetics.

Hendra Susilo W says:

Steroid body

Juan Felipe Rico Maldonado says:

please in spanisch

Jose Luis Patiño Hidalgo Joseluis says:

Quien lo traduce al español 

james lebron says:

My motivation: i do it for the ladies

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