Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation – Train Harder Than Me

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Song: Jack Trammell – Echelon

Starring: Joey Swoll, Nikki Leonard, Simoen Panda, Phil Heath, Mike Rashid, Larissa Reis, Zsuzsi Toldi, Flex Lewis, Branch Warren, Hwang Chul Soon, Max Philisaire, Maciej Żochowski (Minikox), Guy Cisternino.


WallEast says:

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WallEast says:

Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation – Train Harder Than Me


hi again.. I am 25yrs old, height-5’10”,weight-75kgs.biceps are stuck with
only 15.8” for 8 months. right now I am taking muscletech 100% whey,nutrex
concentrated creatine, muscle revolt BCAA 1K. I take normal black coffee-
3/4 cup with honey,breakfast-4 bread n peanut butter, 2 bananas. before
luch: sweet potato,apple.lunch-little rice n 4 whole eggs. evening-1
chicken leg n whey(pre n post total 40 gm). dinner-chicken
brests,lime/orange,carrot,cucumber,apple juice .before bed- whey+ low fat
milk.. Do you think I am missing something? I really want biceps atleast of
18”..please,suggest me the needful.

g0ttequila says:

great video, got me pumped! i like how you included the women as well

WallEast says:

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Flavio Gonzalez says:

Wooooooow nice video woow 

Bodybuilding says:

Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation – Train Harder Than Me

minh nguyen says:

i don’t bother you. so don’t judge me!

IIIxXRamboXxIII says:


Fanzi Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation says:

nice one !
loved your new intro/outro 

The Sleeping Midget says:

I never understood why one would make an insane video like this without
including The god Ullisses himself, who is more aesthetic than him?

Drown inbleach says:

I can safely Like a WallEast vid before I even watch it :D

Fábio Rebelo says:

Joey from Shredz ^^ representing

mads damgaard says:

Who is the blonde chick at 00:56?

PolishMuscleMen says:

Wall, mordo w końcu nowy filmik, jest moc !:)

Louie Farone says:

Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation – Train Harder Than Me

Said Achelhaj says:

hi , who’s the two japanese guy ?

Spychu1993 says:

Dobre w chuj! Łykam spalacz, napalm, kawa i na trening!

eFit30 says:

I enjoyed your clip.

Lazcosa nostra says:

The intro speech made me like this vid immediately 

iThale says:

i miss the gym so hard, cauze im off since 4 days. (new tattoo)


Quit Work Club says:

Many thanks for the quote. I wish you all towards your future development

alexandre avakian says:

battlefield’s style ;)

Grimm Reaper says:

love the speech at the beginning, who is that? awesome work again walleast!

Juan Recinos says:

No pain no gain…f…models

fabiantmartinez says:

Thanks for taking the time for more great stuff!! keep me goin…

Sagr Hamdan says:

Nice video bro and thanx for share it here

baseballpitcher100 says:

Great motivation! Keep up the hard work

endri rrapollari says:

good work dude

Alex NoSleeves says:


Derek Lane says:

fucking monster, man!

04stangman says:

GAWD DAMN!!!! Now that’s a masterpiece!

George Peterson says:

Best motivation ever

MrLexros says:

Bud u must write a warning in the info part not to watch your videos after
the workout. The problem is after watching this crazy stuff u can’t do
anything else then stand up and go back to gym. Great work man keep it up

ahcor lucifer says:

Good video bro
2:20 ? Name of the beast pls 

Martin G says:


Łukasz Bender says:

Super, że zawsze wrzucić gdzieś Polaka 😉 Szacun!

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