Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation – You Earn Your Body

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Song: Mark Petrie – Richat

Starring: Roman Fritz, Pekka Kotipohja, Calum Von Moger, Kai Greene, Kris Gethin, Zsuzsanna Toldi, Victor Martinez, Lorenzo Becker, Phil Heath, Lone Noras, Eduardo Correa, Sibil Peeters, Roelly Winklaar, Branch Warren, Jim Cordova, Dmitry Klokov (Дмитрий Клоков), Dennis Wolf, Alon Gabbay, Marek Olejniczak, Jeff Seid, Ben Pakulski, Kevin Levrone, Jay Cutler, Lionel Beyeke, Dave Palumbo, Matt Ogus, Johhnie Jackson, Hidetada Yamagishi, Kali Muscle.


Scott Mitchell says:

I’m 58 and recently lost 50#, I powerlifted back in the 80’s, trained with
Dennis Wright and Doug Furnas. They went on to greatness and I became
domesticated. I am motivated by your videos and in my own realm I’ll try to
build what I can. At my age I have a few chronic injuries to deal with like
sore elbows and knees, so I’m limited as to how heavy I can lift. Thanks
for the motivation!

Vadim Hampton says:

every video I have found from you has always been very inspirational and
passionely motivating. thanks a lot man looking forward to viewing more new
videos. but I always rewatch the old ones to remind my self what I stand
for. great work.

WallEast says:

You Earn Your Body!
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AdamHouse says:

Kali Muscle at the end ruined it. 

Pekka Kaukalo says:

Lol at Jeff Seid 225 deadlift attempt

WhyNyeTheSkaterGuy says:

BroScience brought me here (:

Pierwszy król Persji says:

Czyżby do Oleja przemawiała babcia? ;-)

HIG5HUniversum says:

I can have a SUPER SAYAJIN physique!

rybackave says:

No Pain No Gain.. ! 

Lorenzo Becker says:

this was a great video, you should have called it ” we shave our bodies ”
thanks a lot for putting me in !


good motivation, thank you.

MieLie07 says:

Steriods or not.. That take alot of training and dedication to look like
they do. Props. 

J-Stielo says:

0:45.. HELL YEA.. VEGETA TO BE EXACT.. guess they wanna look like

Thanh Dat Pham says:

haha… best quote ever 0:44 !

VanSon Prywatny says:

Wow Marek Olejniczak !

Roland Schäfer says:

Nice motivation video. Train like a champion TODAY!


Awesome motivational video!!….What do you say we get this week underway!!

#motivation #sports #fitness #fitnessmotivation 

Chris Hilliard says:

Awesome videos man, super inspirational. Keep up the great work! 

Bday Presents says:

Phill Heat Use Steroid!

Dave Blake says:

WallEast and walking lungs rule. If your not puking your not training hard
TilingInfo Master Tile Setter loves weighs, eating and setting tile!

Pekka Kotipohja says:

Thank you for adding me to this video! 

Joao Celis Da Silva says:


gangstafm32 says:

That’s so so right nothing is easy you allways have to work hard for it.
That’s my motivation!

TheMr.0ske says:


Jesse Kim says:

omg who is that girl?!

Zsolt Szeri says:

Wall East RULEZZZ!

Kai Greene says:

Great video

superlinkman94 says:

what’s the name of the girl wearing pink?

Panagiwtis Elef says:

can anyone tell me from which vid is the 1:50 shot ??

Alex NoSleeves says:

MOAR videos… need more inspiration!!!

jack hunter says:

all bodybuilders like ass fucking each other in the shower room …yup

Dawah4Dunya says:

Been waiting for you to upload man… beautiful video!

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