Bodybuilding Tip How Many Sets & Reps Per Workout @hodgetwins

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Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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Tyrone McStruthers says:

What if you hit each group twice a week? Would it be 7 sets one day and 7

Scott V says:

What rest time between 6-8 reps? Cheers.

sean noonan says:

Helped a lot I was doing like 20 sets every other day and finally realized
I was over training kinda stupid but glad I found out now I’m not sure
about feeling sore after every workout buts it’s probably different for
every one 

xtension xward says:

ok now i am confused ! what exactly did he mean by sets ? if it is ”
exercises ” then its too much and if its Overall number of sets then it is
not enough for me ! i usually do lets say for the back 6 different
exercises to cover the whole back ( 2 lats 2 mid back 2 upperback ) each
takes like 3 sets minimum so its 6×3= 18 sets , some of them i even do 4
sets does that mean i am overworking ? i got sick lately and started to
feel really weak at the end of my workout , should i cut down number of
exercises i do ?

Martin Hagalen says:

Thanks bro! … Shit it’s two of you… Thanks anyway!

FenrikGamer says:

so u split the 14 sets out over each exercise? Like 3 sets for 4 exercises?
maybe some exercises with 1 more set?

Genine Shaw says:

Thanks for the post, cleared up a lot for me

Omar Elnil says:

Thank the fucking lord …you guys pointed out mostly all of my mistakes. 

B9King937 says:

I don’t agree with this. He says you get smaller and weaker going over 14
sets. Not true at all. I used to do splits 5x a week for 2yrs. Now I do 3
full body days. 3hrs each of those days. 15 heavy low rep(3-5 reps)
compound movement sets alone. Followed by 30-35 high rep(8-12) isolation
sets. That’s almost 50 sets a workout. I’m seeing more results and I’m
getting stronger than ever! I’m hitting each muscle 3x a week. I used to
hit them once a week doing splits. Now I can train both strength AND
hypertrophy. I’m getting stronger and bigger. Full bodies are the way to
go! So let’s say they train 14 sets per training day. They’re doing 40 sets
a week. I’m doing about 50 sets per day! Which is 150 sets at the end of
the week. Who is going to get bigger and stronger? The guy doing 40 sets a
week or 150? The guy training an hour and a half a week or the guy training
9hrs a week? Smaller and weaker? Come on man, don’t knock it if you didn’t
try it! Clearly it does work. And if you look at professional athletes they
train at least 5hrs a day! 5-6 days a week. They workout like we have full
time jobs haha and they’re professionals. They know what they’re doing.

Iulius Ursut says:

I think these two were stoned when filming the video because the info is
totally bullshit. How the fuck can you work 3 muscle groups with a total of
14 sets? … I mean… how do you even divide that 14 to 3 ??? hahahah

Seriously, train no more than 2 muscles per day. You should do 3-4
exercises PER MUSCLE GROUP, each exercise should have 3-4 sets, each set
should be between 8-12 reps. That makes a minimum of 9 sets pe muscle and a
maximum of 16. Choose the right weight so you don’t destroy your posture.

Good luck and be smart: filter the internet crap.

James Slocombe says:

How many sets should I do for legs? 

groove3111 says:

sounds good, look good. u guys are too strong for me i am 5’6″ man. u guys
probly 6’1″

Semper Fidelis says:

but 14 is hardly nothing… I mean let’s say chest: 3 sets bench, 3 sets
flies and 3 sets in- or decline=9 sets already…then shoulders another 5-6
and triceps 5 that’s already 20-21… 

David Llaves says:

Hey twins, what happened to this hair style???? The original cut. It looked

rony marte says:

if you’re 14 sets max per wrokout while working out 3 muscles that day,
exaclty how many different machines do you guys use?
please answer, im very confused

C.L. Shirey says:

Really needed this info, I’ve been working out all wrong I guess. 

bo bo says:


notimeforthis BS says:

Bull crap! Arnold Schwarzenegger used to hit the gym 6 days a week, 3 hours
a day. Also, no respectable bodybuilder will train 30min/3 days a week.

playingfor4 says:

What about Fullbody, no way i can finish in 35min ! 

luxor135 says:

You should actually do at least twenty sets total. For chest I do five
exercises, four sets each for AT LEAST 6 reps and NEVER more than 8. This
is the same guideline that a buddy of mine in the seals was doing and he is
staked after only about 10 months of this. He’s 5’8′ and 220lbs. He takes
sups, no steroids cus he’s in the military. Now he does a push day, pull
day, leg day routine which works great btw 

ionescu victor says:

wow very good advice….(pause) …… NOT!

Oli Fong says:

should i be taking my protein shakes on days when im not waking up ? i have
the same workout split as them so should i be taking shakes on tues,wed,fri
and weekend ?

Fisnik Gashi says:

Great advice for me, thanks a lot

Dante Vodou says:

is this including abs? cant be?

Ryan T.L Nguyen says:

these videos are probably early, when they didn’t do the weird stuff at the
beginning, as well as the ‘do the fuck whatever you wanna do’. lol

sandeep pudel says:

It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when these normal people do it
easily with Morsch Muscle Madness (go google it).

B15763823 says:

8 to 14 sets per workout??? I’m doing 24-28 depends on the day (3day split)
I’m not on roids , should I lower my sets? I usually don’t go over 12 reps.
Mosly 8-10 reps heavy lifting.

Medic1911 says:

sorry, I’m a little confused. Are you saying chest + shoulder + tricep =
8-14 sets, or 8-14 sets for each muscle group?

jagger2718 says:

Didn’t your new video say of your sore the next day is probably because you
are not training frequent enough?

mrbk186 says:

guys is 19 sets per vorkout too much?

beerponglegend69 says:

8 to 14 sets per muscle group or complete workout? 14 sets per workout
would be like 4 exercises…

Kanaan Musa says:

they meant per muscle group not combined

theqwertyone100 says:

thank you for your advice 🙂

welstar peter says:

good advice, very scientific and practical

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