Bodybuilding Tip: Why Are Dudes In Prison So Yoked ?!?? @hodgetwins

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Hodgetwins Bio:
Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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Nythirius601 says:

what if the hodge twins are actually just one person who’s really good at
video editing

Kelline Pickett says:

*”How much muscle you wanna put on man, you onna put on 10, 15 lbs man?
20!?! That shit ain’t happenin’?* hahahahaha

Andre mccorkle says:

Because in jail all they do is eat , sleep , workout and Repeat until there
sentence is up.

They have no real everyday life issues 

hugh jass says:

i always thought they got yoked to avoid the daily ass rape. 

AjA9873 says:

Buy whatever the *FUCK* you wanna buy

David Kennedy says:

Maybe the reason is just that guys in jail are bored and spend a lot
of time pumping up their bodies in the gym. 

Capo di tutti Capi says:

Bullshit Hoge.. Prison is steroids Valhalla

McClanahan Raughton says:

Tell us about him getting locked up


You can get steroid’s in prison just like any other drug and contraband

Kaiku Hidiaki says:

The start got me.. 😀 “10… 15 pounds mate?” I was like “I’m gonna put on
20” and then he said “20!? That shit ain’t gonna happen” xD xD was surpised

Mujeed Ahad Muhammad says:

Keep it up homies, You bothers need a XM radio Show!

PunchNuggetFilms says:

Lol like what they said toward the end… “Get a girl, look at porn” …
Before I world max out on squat I’d look at the girl in yoga pants doing
stiff leg deadlifts… That was my pump up. Lol

Eamonn Kelly says:

u can get all kinds ae vitamin S in prison thats the reason,a went from 168
to 237, fucking impossible without it.

j0s3phPS3 says:

Fish oil is also a good form of testosterone 

J Erlich says:

I love your videos, hilarious

honeybun33 says:

“look at porn, letcho nutbag get tight, and yo mushroom tip get swollen “..
LOL! ! !

Biniam D says:

You’re at the right Youtube channel!

Nostagia Crittic says:

MY DAD GOT FUCKING YOLKED WHEN HE WAS IN JAIL but when he got out all of a
sudden a few years later he got fat .________________________.

DreadMike73 says:

The twins got some good points, I’ve been in jail and prison, I was 145lbs
when I went to prison and got out ripped, six pack and all. The reason
dudes get some big and ripped is that they get all the calories they can
get in there and get the proper rest. They don’t have a choice of what they
eat in there unless they got on a vegan diet, somebody in there may not eat
certain things on their tray, so they trade it off or give it away, so the
guys that workout do that trade off their dessert for veggies or meat,
etc. I didn’t stop working out when I got out, I did body exercises with
no weights.

jondavis1234 says:

Keith was really trying to sound black in this vid, man.

AjA9873 says:

Buy whatever the *FUCK* you wanna buy

mEtAlMaNiAc787 says:

I’m glad their videos aren’t in 3D.

syd floyd says:

Some prisoners are jacked probably cause they are genetically pre desposed
to having high testosterone which is probably the reason theyre in jain in
the 1st place. Higher testosterone can lead to higher aggression

Abbas Yousefi says:

dear friends, your body can make amino acids so you only need a small
amount of them. so people in jail dont even have to be genetically inclined
to be “yolked up” its just practice and devotion. and yeah testosterone
helps you put the energy in the right place

Amin El says:

This was hilarious. Not only that, but you spoke a basic truth and captured
the elusive obvious with a clarity you seldom hear. I smiled all the way
through it. Thanks.

David White says:

Actually. It’s diet + time. I know. I work there. They don’t eat most of
the crap they serve at the chow hall. They eat mackerel like it’s going out
of style. And they have nothing else to do. Genetics is key as well.

Robert Jirousek says:

best exit speech ever 😀 

McLocknstoks says:

Just thought I’d add in that they also get ripped because of the
environment they’re in. Its survival of the fittest for the most part and
their body realizes that so it starts adapting.

bigbullbk says:

Very Good Advice.

WARHEO545 says:

Thanks for the info, You guys crack me up!

mark bocchieri says:

y’all two awesome def feel you on this one. 

Direct Game Help says:

hydrochrloride? salt?

jrelated1 says:

You mention genetics, but fail to say that dudes get big in prison because
they work out for hours 7 days a week. WTF!!!

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