bodybuilding vs. synthol vs. natural bodybuilder vs fitness model KARL ESS

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Bodybuilding is full of steroids and therefore full of physiques you can’t achieve naturally. Even more ridiculous is the fact that people inject synthol into their muscles to make them appear bigger. Synthol is an oil that dumb ass bodybuilders inject into their muscles to visually bulk them up. Since synthol is fake muscle, those synthol bodybuilders are laughed at as synthol victims. On the other hand, we have natural bodybuilders, but we have to distinguish between guys that claim to be natural and others that are tested natural. And then there are fitness models like Greg Plitt, Rob Riches or Marc Fitt. Who do you prefer?

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Olhor10 says:

Marc Fitt is half natty like most fitness models and so called naturals.
There is one natural bodybuilder who is 100% legit ,Christian Guzman. Lex
Griffin etc take roids. There is a site Natty or not ,and there you have
analysis of many people. Seid and Griffith weight as much as old school
bodybuilders of golden era ,I mean over 90kg ,while Guzman is aprox.71-72

Trevor Folgering says:

Skip was not a true natural! Most of the “natural bodybuilders” use off
season and taper drugs use before a show.. Lots of anabolics leave the body
30-45 days. Bodybuilding is a great way to Improve your health and body..
But competitive bodybuilding is just stupid!!!! 

Thomas Chin says:

2nd Luimarco! XD

mytv80 says:

that dude from Germany and Ogus natural??? whaaaa??? ahahahaha. you must be

Liam Totten says:

For the record, all top bodybuilders still use synthol.

micheal richards says:

those “natural bodybuilders” you speak off were not natural at all

John Smith says:

Matt ogus natural? Lmao

CheeseMan003 says:

You’re almost like luimarco XD

rudy mireles says:

I like everything you have to say. But, every one of those guys are on
steroids even the natural ones. They get on 24 hour steroids so they wont
show up in the blood. Winstrol tabs have a half life of 9 hours and orel
tren is 24 hour pill. only the injection can be in your body for a year,The
guys with good cuts are on tren and winstrol with oral test, that’s why
they don’t get ought.people should read more, and go to the gym to learn
things?Maybe 1 out of all of them is prob natural, using water-pills, but
dont think so….Sorry just tired of the lies and confusion….

ces573 says:

Ronnie coleman….. Bitch please

Greg Gramelspacher says:

lol this guy can’t talk for shit

suresh varma says:

marc fit is the best looking as fitness model then others

animetrickerd says:

Greg Pit looks more natural then one of the guys you said was natty….for

KingK76 says:

That bald due “skip”? He’s juicing for sure! Look at his face! You don’t
get cheeks/jaw like that unless you juice. He has the typical “juice

jacob martinez says:

Good video natty bra.

the mask white says:

steroid..the kill

jimmy conway says:


Robert Schacter says:

The majority r risking their lives to get awsom results.I’m 54 🙂 and have
no health issues that most of my body building acquaintances r
experiencing.stay natural ,it

Miauwzer says:

Matt Ogus isn’t natural, he said it himself…

Adam Robinette says:

I think when you’re talking about ‘natural’ bodybuilders, it can go either
way. With the right genetics, I know for a fact that you can achieve the
size and definition of a competitive ‘natural’ bodybuilder without
steriods, or other PEDs. However not everyone can without ‘help’. 

Robert Schacter says:


Ryan Williams says:

all bodybuilders you says natural are just lean, OMG it is possible get big
and ripped naturally, what a idiot.

Scrotum says:

everyone who uses even proteins is not natural anymore 😉

Colin Anderson says:

Ogus admitted to using steroids…

Matej Schaffer says:

why not?

Joe L. says:

No, there are steroids in them too.

Scrotum says:

you made a fool out of me?????? lol you answered my question,you re dumb
and live in an imaginary world

Kyrre Vaa Beyer says:

I think Cordova is natural. He’s an example of genetic perfection combined
with hard work for several years. One more thing! He does not have that
steroid look!

Jim Nazim says:

they said that steroid alone don’t make a champion bodybuilder. I totally
believe that. It took experience, relentless effort, sacrifice, strategy,
knowledge, patience..etc. Everyone know every pro BB will take it bcoz
everyone that compete use(d) it. But what makes a champion is a lot more
that just drug or if u may, a cocktail of drugs (anabolic steroid, growth
hormone, diuretic, insulin..etc).

crow666ification says:

scott adkins is natural?

LionheartTrainer77 says:

Jim Cordova is natural. He competes in the WNBF (the heaviest drug tested

MrNotnert15 says:

Why did you reply to an old comment and not the one I sent to you after
that? Ha you really are dumb. Anyhow if you looked at the comment after
that one you would realize why you look so dumb.

Andrew Skratt says:

none of those guys are natural wake up young man

mrbasic86 says:


brandonsanchez2009 says:

Matt bogus natural lmao yeah right even if there not on synthol most of
them are on HGH and take a boatload of supplements and eat hormone steroid
injected meat and cows milk so technically not natural

Scrotum says:

it isn t an old comment its few hours old,i have to say it more times for
your brain to get it,because you re dumb as horseshit,kill yourself you
dumb faggot 😉

MsMikko77 says:

Really Ronnie Coleman uses steriods.. news to me..

Dan California says:

What about Khali Muscls

Elliott Atwell says:

You have no idea what you’re talking about. Do you even know what a
‘chemical’ is? ‘Made fabrically’? If someone eats a breakfast cereal, are
they no longer natural because it’s processed?

mikelh says:

Steroids are typical legal in most countries, like my country Canada. I
understand that someone may not want to say they use steroids due to not
wanting to implicate himself,but the thing with people like Matt Ogus is
that they scream&yell about being natural on every video,it’s a point they
brag about.But it’s obvious they’re not natural.If they had some integrity
they would just not mention drug use or no drug use for that matter… They
don’t have to insist on being natural in every video.

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