BUILD BIGGER LEGS ► Complete Bodybuilding Leg Workout

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Shay K says:

+Michael Kory hey man, i totally agree with you on the seated ham curls. I
find it hard to contract my hamstrings on the end and feel that lying leg
curls are much better. BTW just came across your channel and I gotta admit
that I love your videos. Hands down one of my top 5 Youtubers (I have only
been watching your channel for 2 days LOL). Really humble, keep it up bro!

Kevin Whittaker says:

I’ve followed your channel going back to leanbodylifestyle and it’s great
to see how far you’ve come. Nice work Michael

Stefan Koole says:

Michael, just wonderin, but is it true that you used to make gaming videos?
I’m not quite sure, but you remind me of someone I used to be subscribed to
a couple years back who made gaming videos, mostly fps games lol idk maybe
I’m saying something strange

Moses A says:

low bar seems to force you to bend forward too much and feels weird in the
middle of my spine thats why i dont do it. i agree with your extensions
opinion. too much reps and high weights stresses your knees. smith machine
is excellent for calves +Michael Kory 

P4TTL says:

considering you had to remake your youtube channel michael you’re doing
damn good!

KAO BANG says:

i am 57 and cant do with heavy weights; i do with lighter weights but more
repetitions; problem is dont get big but leaner muscle; thnx fo sharing 

Nasosdag says:

Front dumbbell squats: “Goblet” squats. 😉

Also tuck your chin in during Romanian deadlifts (or any deadlifts for that
matter). Neutral spine at all times.

Lix Bugz says:

That “box lunge” is usually called a Bulgarian Split Squat. (but you know
man whatever works) Awesome exercise!

Thanks for the great vid.

xplurxx says:

Tried the calf thing for the first time.. I feel like I have daggers in
them now! Do you recommend doing them more than once a week so I won’t be
as sore? I workout legs 3 times a week as well and I’ve been making crazy
gains that way.

AssassinIuffy says:

I can relate Michael. I don’t like the seated leg curls because I can’t
feel it as much on my hams compared to the lying leg curl or the standing
single leg curl. 

jacob mastro says:

Romanian dead lifts is the best exercise to snap shit up. ;)

motheahmad29 says:

Did you always wear SBD sleeves or switch upon Brandon the BBCs’

Ieatfrozenrabbits says:

Is Ryan natty?

going2sleep says:

What’s your take on using machines for legs

icandodgebullets86 says:

I want to change to low bar squats but I hear quad development is not
great? Any truth to that ??

K Wil says:

Glad you and I feel the same about the Smith Machine, although I do use it
for shrugs, but in general It’s a sure fire ticket to Snap City!

thebanaap says:

You gotten too big !!!

Anas Mohammed Salih says:

Do you make these deadly mistakes in your diets? Go Google Ready Set
Ripped to find out.

Jason Bustamante says:

bulgarian split squats are killer I love those things

Sooraj Pariyapurath says:

If you desire to get ripped, you should do a google search Ready Set
Ripped. That might help you get the body you deserve

Chels33a says:

way to gooo on your subscriber award ! 

Edgar Meza says:

Great video!! Thanks for sharing

Dale Creasey says:

Congrats on 100,000 subscribers,Going to buy the food at the end and also I
will try leg workout you showed.

By the way for 6 weeks I’m doing 20 rep squat and I know how my form is
good is that a personal trainer said “great squats ” to me 

Myke chang exercises says:

Very good, for those who like specific training, excellent’m doing some
workouts and feeling pretty good.

dtizzle says:

Bulgarian Split Squats – AKA Box Lunges make me wanna slap my momma! 

arrGjjj says:

bulgarian split squat…

ThePhiles13 says:

Sounds silly bit what’s the diff between low bar squats and high bar ?

Curtis Duquette says:

I kinda got the same thing with calfs, I have no revolutionary workout for
them whatsoever. Fairly basic. N I like that variation on lunges! I been
looking for a lunge with more constant tension, so imma have to peep that
out. Keep it up.

Jack Bailin says:

Did me some squats n’ deads today, aww yee! Great video as always Michael

ilusq says:

Glad you got 100k subs you deserve it !

BelievinSP says:

you low bar squat with those shoes?

ThisIsMatt4 says:

Great vid. Awesome to see all of the progress you have made! 

Leonel Carmona says:

Work hard, stay humble! Great work MKF!

lange25 says:

I always have hard time keeping my back straight while doing dead lifts. I
don’t know how to correct it. Is it bec my hamstrings are tight that won’t
let me bend forward without bending at lumbar spine too? 

Tyrell Bailey says:

Getting strong dude 

JbMnMh says:

Chest looking massive brah! Keep up the good work. Greetings from Sweden.

Ryenel Aguilar says:

Look at dem gainzzz!! 

spapapetrou says:

+Michael Kory 1:35- Chest looking good! Keep it up bro;)

Amar Purohit says:

dat dere adi power

Travis S says:

Solid leg workout man 

broadcastmyself07 says:

Dude, you’re jacked up! What do you weigh nowadays?

weave4181 says:

congrats on the 100,000 subs. IMO your workouts are too BRO but fine if u
get results. I’d like to see you on 5/3/1 with BBB. Anyway keep the good
work and recipe vids.

VD2021 says:

Your buddy has very good squat form. You should try this technique….pick
a point on the wall (say the top of the mirror). Keep your visual focused
there as you drive your pelvic area up.

Jimmy Bimmer says:

the like, dislike ratio is insane

SornGeorge says:

We have the same machine in my gym as you do so to get a good contraction I
also use the standing leg curl machine. Try it out if you have one. Cheers

Vira Rohirrim says:

Is it just me, or is the video really glitchy?

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