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The fit body battles between physical wants. Strength and aesthetics battle in a muscleman’s goals. Meet Colton Leonard, who fused the two desires into one behemoth body.

Twice in his young life, Colton Leonard has been hit with such terrifying forces that he’s had to adjust his plans and begin life anew. His body and soul were affected. Even so, through it all, he has faced down adversity, improved his training, and rebuilt himself stronger than he was before.

Colton traded the football for the iron, and then the life of a bodybuilder for the strongman’s Atlas stone. These sports may have widely different training, but at their heart, they all require the same fearless spirit and fortitude. Colton Leonard’s fitness 360 is the story of a man stronger than any challenge.

Lifting has always been a outlet for Colton Leonard to release tension, anger, and frustration. Growing up, things weren’t always easy for this great man of strength. He wasn’t always the beast he is now.

He began weightlifting over the summer before his junior year of high school, looking to get bigger and stronger for the toil of the upcoming football season. He also worked as a lifeguard over the summers, and on his breaks he would read both Flex and Muscular Development.

During his lunch hour, he would go into the clubhouse and work out. Those summer workouts consisted of every exercise he was reading about in the magazines. He immediately put knowledge into action, dismissing any worries about overtraining. He just loved the weights.

Leonard’s effort in the summer slapped some substantial muscle mass on his bones. When football season rolled around, he was ready! However, fate didn’t support his dreams of gridiron domination.

He chose to give up football, because he suspected his body couldn’t take another big blow. This left Leonard at a crossroads as he left high school.

He began seriously lifting with bodybuilding principles to guide his nutrition and training. A few months in, he made a friend in Nick Del Toro. The two were close in age, but Nick had competed since he was 16 years old. They began to train together, and after Leonard gained a little weight, he decided to enter his first bodybuilding show.

He decided to reach higher and compete in the 2008 Teen Nationals, where he placed second in the Teen Men’s heavyweight division. A year later he landed in fifth place at the 2009 Collegiate Nationals.

Strongman Shift
It wasn’t until almost a year later that another friend, a minister by the name of Stephen Mackey, introduced Colton to strongman competitions. This sport would reinvent the Texas giant.

Strongman training is unlike any other sport, and its specific demands require precise and intense training. Colton wanted to jump into a contest right away, but he soon he realized that he was not yet strong enough.

Leonard’s first competition was a qualifier for the 2012 NAS National Championship. He figured—as he did initially with bodybuilding competitions—that if he was going to do something, he was going to go for the ultimate challenge.

He fought off advances from far more experienced competitors, and to his surprise, he won his first contest and earned a spot in the 2012 NAS Nationals.

At the NAS Championship in 2012, he faced down monstrous weights: a 390-pound Atlas stone, 210-pound dumbbell and a 410-pound Husafell-Stone carry!

His placing qualified him as an alternate for the Arnold Sports Festival Arnold Amateur World Championship. With just three weeks out from the Arnold, he received his invitation.

After his incredible debut, 2013 is on track to be the best year yet for this young strongman. He quickly structured a new program based on what he learned from the big names at the NAS Championship last year, and he is on the road back to the same competition and aiming to move up in the standings.


Cornelius Roy Bennington says:

I’m 14, and I wanna really either be a Strongman or Body Builder. But
whenever I lift, I don’t really see any changes. I’m not skinny or anything
I’m 155LBS about 10-15% Body Fat. When you body build is it good to be
skinny first so your muscles can show up better, or is it good to eat a
crap ton of food?

Swin Sinthavong says:

What kind of Nike’s are those?

Parko Boy says:

cool dude

Jacob Morenzoni says:

Fuk yaaa, rage!!!!

Braxton Walton says:

Even if he is on the juice, he’s obviously more determined than anyone just
commenting on these videos. Class act too. Very polite and well spoken.

Sempiternal says:

That was actually an great video for the most part, normally the shit these
people spew it terrible but this was pretty good!

hozij says:

These haters just look cute blurting out *what they think they know*

east wood says:

that pretty evil man. Dont be bad because you are not strong

Erik K. says:

This strong man has more class in his pinky than you do. Why do you have to
post such a negative comment? Colton is a class young man, down to earth
and sincere and you have to post what you did. The man busts his butt to be
the best he can be. If you are going to hate, then move on and don’t watch
the video!

Miguel Magallanes says:

Anything else>you

Ufcfan121 says:

sigh typical keyboard warrior hiding behind his computer why dont u run off
and get a hamburger u fat fuck bet ur too lazy to even to any exercise hell
all u americans are overweight anyway

justSopey says:

Why are you even subbed to this channel?

SinisterSkip says:

I agree and at least Colton sounds for real, not like a robot like some of
these guys. He seems like a real guy, not some actor with a nice physique.

voodazz says:

No such thing as a natural pro bodybuilder or strongman. This guy is no

Mani Matter says:

Best Natural Athlet 😉

Marcelo PCR says:

Beast! Good stuff

Chris Camacho says:

Strong men = fat boys on steroids

drake Loh says:

Sounds like he knows his stuff! keep it up!

east wood says:

Here we go with this shit. Bro don’t watch these videos if your going to
hate. You could take double the amount of steroids then this guy and you
would not come close to what he is!!

lrg1404 says:

you need the body mass to lift the heavy weight he is lifting..

IllegalAlien1973 says:


SinisterSkip says:

Farmer’s walks are cool. Too bad our gym doesn’t have an empty parking lot
🙂 Need enough space!

TheJuggernaut8686 says:

Keep up the good work man nice video

giorgi chixradze says:

is it just me or does he look a bit obesse?

razercord says:

have fun with heart failure in 10 years bro.

Deepbrowneyes76 says:

Much respect to you brother!!!!!

Benjamin Warfield says:




lrg1404 says:

shut your fat ass up and go get some food at tbell… do you even lift bro?

razercord says:

It’s not about being strong. its about being HEALTHY. and he is asking for
heart attack. seriously

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