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Cory’s Full program and much more:
Cory Gregory picked himself up by his bootstraps and built a career out of sheer strength and resolve. Here’s how he maintains a competition-grade physique on the go!

With Cory Gregory in the captain’s chair, MusclePharm has become a powerhouse in sports nutrition in just a few short years.

Its trademark green and black logo is one of the most stylish and recognizable in the industry, and the athletes it draws are just as familiar—including the best-known bodybuilder of them all. It’s as contemporary as it gets, but Gregory is a bit of a relic, and he’s the first to admit it.

He cleans up nice, but don’t be fooled. Gregory’s natural domain is the concrete floors and scratched iron plates of his Old School Gym, not the board room.

He’s a born competitor who has competed in 20 powerlifting meets and more than a dozen natural bodybuilding competitions, even while balancing professional and personal responsibilities that would cause any lesser man to wilt.

This Fitness 360 is the story of an executive powerlifter who keeps Muscle Gels stashed in his designer suit. He was a boy in a garage who started setting big goals early, and picked them off one by one.

Gregory knows what it takes, and he wants to teach it to everyone else.

By the time he was in his twenties, Gregory knew what it took to get swole. He knew how to train other people and help athletes reach their potential. The next step was to help people on a global scale. Starting a supplement company was the logical answer.

“I always loved supplements and diet, so becoming a supplement owner, co-founder, and trying to push myself to a high level of fitness at the same time were just huge,” Gregory says. “When we founded MusclePharm, it was like a dream come true to me. Now I have a platform to be able to get all this information out to help people, and set the blueprints for their success too.”

That’s Cory’s passion. He wants to help people succeed like he has. Through his Get Swole 16-Week Trainer and Bizzy Diet plans on, and his Twitter and Facebook pages, Cory is able to reach hundreds of thousands of people every day.

“I’m living the dream,” he says. “We are pushing to be the best. My dream to sign Arnold to the brand was achieved just recently. The sky is the limit for MusclePharm.”


Alex C says:

Great video and advice . Thank you guys.

Gustavo Chirinos says:

Crossfit sucks! says:

Check out the story behind @MusclepharmPres! Get his Training & Fitness
Program and be sure to SUBSCRIBE!

SwayTheBeast says:

1:03 swear I thought that was Walter White aka Heisenberg.

Hinh Tinh Quoc says:

he is so hot!

NeIhsuR7 says:

That suit looks ridiculous. Just take James Bond in Skyfall as an example.
Now THATS style.

Goku Godlike says:

Well it looks expensive having to buy all those supplements, I’ll just
stick to whole foods.

kester ferguson says:

am current 300 pounds and i live the bahamas and this guy put me a diet
with multi vitamins and such put he told me to walk for 30 mins a everyday

Mohammed Darwish says:

I need help
My email

NeIhsuR7 says:

Great guy though.

Guillermo Chin says:
Health and Fitness Page says:

Check out the story behind @MusclepharmPres! Get his Training & Fitness
Program and be sure to SUBSCRIBE!

personal Trainer says:

L carnitine mp

Yolo Swag Beast Mode Muthafucka says:

do u even lift

Graeme Rough says:


Mohamed Elboulaky says:

This man knows a lot of people, and I never knew him.

Flavio Faria says:

did the same.. lol

PortableAppz1 says:

Yes their are at Kevin. You gotta do research and test for yourself.

gilbert956 says:

Fkn love this guy n MP!!!

Kevin Mason says:

Alright Cory, OH-IO,

A Matt says:

He’s so cute! He seems real down to Earth too

saywhatyousee666 says:

All that money..and he can’t get a suit to fit?

Pablogymadd says:

completely out of context but that must be the worst fitting suit ever
(don’t get me started on the three buttons closed)

FurryFerris says:

FINALLY! An ACTUAL natural bodybuilder that the kids can look up to!
Respect man! From an enhanced guy to a natty, deep respect for making your
supplement company SO succesful without having to resort to the ‘enhanced’
look for marketing. I really respect that!

TWiesendanger says:

I thought the same thing and Im rarely wearing a suit.

Kevin Mason says:

Are there any harmful products in the supplements?, I have seen so many
negative things that come from taking supplements.

AestheticSwag says:

Damn! this dude successful

vplougoboy says:

Musclepharm’s “Combat” is one of the best supplements out there right now,
talking from my personal experience. And this guy is a fucking genious and
a true inspiration!! Congrats

alex dzs says:


Timothy Monica says:

Cory = the Best!


lol even the water bottle had a muscle pharm label on it.

Deejay Liam says:

that’s really really dope!!!!

Salticus scenicus says:

Total bollocks.

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