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Part 1 of series: http://youtu.be/86irqiY7lpk
How Many Calories a Day: http://youtu.be/UKIuW_-03wQ

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Before following these directions, watch these videos and things will make more sense:
● How Many Calories a Day: http://youtu.be/UKIuW_-03wQ
● Bodybuilding Macros Part 1: http://youtu.be/86irqiY7lpk

Protein = 1g per pound of body weight
Fat = .4g per pound of body weight
Carbs = remaining calories

Note that you don’t have to be exact with these numbers. They are just good guidelines to follow. Don’t sweat it if you go over or under a few grams of any macronutrient. It’s easy to let macros take over your life, but if you aren’t in a show, it’s nothing to stress about.

If you are overweight, you can use your lean body mass for more accurate numbers. To find your your lean body mass, you need to know your current body fat percentage. If you know your body fat or have a rough estimate, use this formula to find lean body mass:
LBM = weight – (weight x body fat percentage as a decimal)

More videos here: http://youtube.com/michaelkoryfitness


Stefan Koole says:

the only problem I have with this, is that carbs are just generally
cheaper… ya know taking 4 slices of whole wheat bread in the afternoon
with a bit of chicken and whatever some walnuts inbetween your day is gonna
be a lot cheaper than having to eat a ton of chicken for your lunch
everyday and a real good amount of walnuts (instead of a lot of apples or
cheaper but higher-in-carb foods)

gee fanani says:

I am so confused I watched 3 of your videos and I have counted how many
calories I need I need 3608 a day

That means I have to eat 158g of proteinx4=632 calories

63g of fatx9=568calories

2500 of carbs

If I eat that much wouldn’t I be starved 6 eggs adds up to 632 of

I don’t know what to eat to get the carbs beside rice or pasta

Does this mean I can only eat like a cup or rice and 1 egg if I wanna
divide my meal in to six meal a day?

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense Im new to this stuff and I’m verry confused

I’m 18 years old male, 173 cm, 73kg/160poind and I use the gym 5 times a
week so I think my activity factor is moderate

If someone know anything about these things please help me out thanks

AHeroAlmost says:

You look so small here compared to what you are now…

Claudian Fevrier says:

i was watching your video on calculating macros for weight gain or weight
loss for the fats how did you get that 80 if the fat have to be multiplied
by 9 if i multiply 200 by 9 i would not get 80 where as you multiply 200 by
4 for protein and you get 800 so what did you multiply the fats by

Lalindran Sriskandarajah says:

Soo I have one question..once you cut down to a particular weight..do you
change your protein intake to the new low weigh in?

boostftw123 says:

so the difference between a cut and a bulk is really in the amount of carbs
you consume?

Mathew Gardner says:

I’ve got quite a bit weight to lose so I need to use my LBM which should be
225-250, I think (I’m 6’4″ 365#, I gained a lot of weight due to injury a
few years back but I’ve always had a very large frame 19.5″ neck & biceps).
So, my question is do I use my maintenance calories (3,672) and my LBM for
all my calculations? I get 250g/protein, 100g/fat & 275g/carbs if I use LBM
based on 3,000 cal (figuring for 672 cal deficit).

ghasl1 says:

After counting my calories it says I should be eating 427.5 grams of carbs
around two cups of brown rice to lose weight but I was already eating that
when I was bulking for two years. Should I lower my carbs further or go
carb cycling which is best?

Brooke Womack says:

If you are trying to lose weight do you use the number that you want to
weigh instead of what you currently weigh…

Seif Maher says:

Hi Michael, thank you for the video.

I want to ask you about the fibres, and other components like sodium,
sugar,… How do these count in calories?

Elite Nemesis says:

I way 200lbs ish
I’m supposed to eat 3000 cals to lose weight?

aldo waldo says:

What’s more important, counting grams or the calories?

Vanessa Yanez says:

dudeeee this was soo helpful thanks so much i always have a difficult time
when it comes to macros and this broke it down so easily thanks again

Axel Vnk says:

Thanks for the video!

Syed Uddin says:

I really like your explanations towards this subject and work ethics
towards body building, keep it up! *subscribed* :D

Narali Bedoya says:

why are my amounts so small?
i got 24g of carbs
5’2 height
20 years old

Karti Loco says:

One question Michael:

When I’m trying to bulk and gain muscle, isn’t 0.4 grams of fat per lb
bodyweight far too little?

I’m 6″0 / 6″1 and 187 lbs so 187 * 0.4 = ~ 75 g fat per day?

Youssif ALmusawi says:

Thanks bro this actually helped me out a ton I went to a stupid friend and
he gave me like 100 carbs 290 protein and like 124 fats! I should kill that

PhunkyFreak says:

I finally worked out my macros yeeeeeeeessssssssss

Verious Smith III says:

+Michael Kory First of all, thanks for all of the hard work you have put
into making these videos. I’ve subscribed. You have some of the clearest
presentations on calculating macros that i have ever seen. I finally
understand all of this stuff! Thanks!

QUICK QUESTION: If I modified the formula to be 1.5 grams of protein per
lb. and left all of the other macros the same would it totally mess up the

MY GOAL: I want to lose body fat and cut down while building muscle.

I’m currently 185 lbs and my daily caloric needs are 2881 for maintenance,
so i have calculated a total of 2381 calories per day for myself in a

After modifying the above formula to be 1.5 grams of protein i came up with
the following Macros:
Protein 277.5 grams
Fat 75 grams
Carbs 149 grams

Does this seem healthy/do-able & do you think it’d work? Would you advise
otherwise for my goal?

Again, thanks for the great videos!


I have a question and any one who is knowledgeable please help. My weight
is 174. My carbs can out to 494. Is this a good amount? It seems like too
much. I am in pretty good shape and workout 5 times a week.

Miguel Woopeey says:

One question. So as you lose weight do you decrease your macros also? Or do
u keep ur macros the same from the weight u left off from?

MrCaravine says:

How much sugar should i take throughout the day?? 

Pnoi_Warrior8o8 says:

one thing i still dont understand tho. Lets say i ate 112g of chicken
breast. do i count that as 112g of protein? 

chris castro says:

how many oz per gram of carb/ protein/ fat???

Yau Matthew says:

epic stuff !!

kandekore says:

Great video, really helpful 

Daniel Gost says:

+Michael: how about training VS non-training days? Same formula for both?

sadiq hardy says:

Great info bro ..because sometimes this shit sounds like rocket science to
a newborn 

MrTopButton says:

Where did he get the 80g of fat from?

Terry-Ann Hunter says:

is their an android app i can use to track my macros?

Ebg55 says:

SSo at the end the example show that he need to get 3000 calories each day

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