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Training at ABSOLUTE FITNESS – Clitheroe

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Artist: White Comic
Song: This Ain’t The End of Me
White Comic’s Youtube:

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Ben Harms says:

How is Lex affiliated with Rich Piana 5% nutrition brand?

MakingTheGold says:

Fairly new subscriber, loved the video. Keep up with them gains!

Ronan says:

used your code for the Gymshark Thermal Hoodie Lex:) came today great
quality and great fit:)

LexFitness - TeamBOOMBabY! says:

Thought it was time we gave you guys some Motivation on these Winter

MyUsername283 says:

I’ve never realised quite how in shape laney was. I always new Lex was but
she is just an in shale as he his. You are both epic

Jonny Alvarez says:

The motivation in this video is literally OOZING out of my screen! hah 🙂

Victor Holm says:

How long have you been together? Great video also! :)

ishnoo94 says:

dat hair, dat beard, dem arms…. mirin’ brah haha

Scott Macdonald says:

Can you tell me the song you used mid video please. Ta

SuedeStrongFitness says:

Now thats a true power couple right there! Strong motivation guys.

Arctiz says:

this life – olwik feat johnning is the song :P

patrickngo1996 says:

who needs pre workout when you can watch this

chris chrysanthou says:

Dat 1:32 though

GymBella Nation says:

Hey awesome workout!!! Keep rocking out! You look great! Just wanted to say
hi. I am a new you tuber and would like to get to know some more people and
hope to make new friendships. Keep up the good work! 

John Day says:

What you guys have is simply great! Hat goes off to you both :)

Dale Unwin says:

Great motivation for smashing the gym tonight! Thanks!

billy brooks says:

lookin awesome you 2 – puttin those posing gym tweebs in the shade ha ha !

JustLift says:

Definitely motivational. .thanks mate.

Alejandro Sotelo says:

Love your vids guys!! You two are awesome!(8

morganbell97 says:

bet them blokes in gymshark gear were mirin’

Bradley Wilson says:

did you ever finish the la vlog series 

Ibo Jamil says:

Lex, do you ever correct other people’s form in your own gym if they are
doing it incorrectly?

Kaarel Maarand says:

Thank you so much for all the motivation and great content. You and Sean
Thompson are my biggest idols in aesthetics which I started about a week
ago (did calisthenics before that) and well lifting weights and seeing the
gains is like the best feeling ever. So I just wanted to say a massive
Thanks to you! :)

Ashley Kissane says:

Lainey is looking awesome!!!! so good luck to her for the weekend 🙂 & Lex
you are just hugeeeee & the beard certainly adds to the gains.

Justin van Rossum says:

Awsome vid Lex!! As always!!
Please tell Lainey to watch her overextended knees while doing those cable
rows tho, that can cause some problems in the long run if she does it
Keep up the awsome work!!

BUZZEY15 says:

Not going to lie lex, I seriously dislike the shirt maybe in a blue would
look sick; but the beard game brings the shirt up XD

Temperzzx69 says:

Another great video again. After watching your videos, seanthompson and the
hodge twins I decided to go to the gym I’m 15 I’ve been going 2 months and
made so many gains

Freaks Of Nature TV Fitness Couple says:

This is dope! Where are you based?

whatryouthinking says:

What headphones are u using

Rate Works says:

Damn! Lainey is freaking ripped! Good luck on her upcoming competition!

College Aesthetics says:

Been a fan for a while! Just made my own channel recently. When will you
guys come to the US would love to meet you guys one day!

WillYouLaugh says:

Any recommendations for the cheapest gym to go to if you have no money?

Lucas Carter says:

Man, weighing 106 pounds really makes it feel impossible to achieve my
“healthy” weight, even if I do lift weights. X-(


Omg. My relationship goal ! 

TheSuperstition95 says:

what’s the name of the song playing throughout the video?

martin lift says:

lex could you make a advanced instructional back video? :P

Andy Hillocks FITNESS says:

Lainey is looking in TOP shape for this weekend. Good luck to her! Lex your
back. Dayum!!! 

joshythepickupman says:

looking huge man! and that beard is always on point! 

Vandrenepind says:

What kind of headphones is Lex rocking?

Reece McWilliamsFitness says:

What’s lex’ arm measurement?

TheBobinn says:

1:30 for ultimate motivation

lickherooot says:

my kind of music!

xsichtsbash2k6 says:

song name? besides darude – sandstorm

LHudson ART/LIFTS says:

Nice vid maties 

Tom Kisby says:

Motiv8 me m8

dtownballnboi says:

headphones!? the name please? good with base?

angelcrazyjames says:

Great video I follow you on ig didn’t know you had a YouTube! Saying hey
from Trinidad and Tobago. 

highgreenful says:


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