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WesCuijpers9cr7x says:

Fucking annoying video, constantly the same naked pose and the worst thing
is that I had to pause the video for like 30 times to read all the do’s en
don’ts, appreciate the help but had to dislike excuse me.

Gerald Murillo says:

The worst video ever

Molo mono says:

Basically you could have had 3 frames: “IIFYM” “Progressive overload”
“Caloric surplus +weight, caloric deficit -weight”. And you would have
covered all the content in the video.

taviangt says:

Yo how many days a week do you hit the gym? I think you left that one out.

HavoqueEnterprises says:

LOOOOOOOOL i loved the ending, FYI what works for some people (even this
guy) may not work for others. Just keep your focus on 1 thing though, if
you get bad results you’re doing it wrong.

Nici Geelhoed says:

You say u have calories as low as possible on a cut waait what Im confused
some of your cuts take 4mouths+ am I correct, Correct me please.

Phat Phuck says:

DO = Eat. sleep. train.


Jeff Ryan says:

true teeuuurrree so truuuuueeeeee

Keigs says:

lol chubby lavado 0:24

Patrick Hocking says:

Hi Matt, what was the time frame in which this was taken? Regards from

筋トレLIFE says:

i see a great body but less penis.

OsoJlvjX says:

Nice bro so are u really cares how many carbs are you eat?

Cj Driskill says:

he never admitted to it lol

Samer Shenouda says:

Best video I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Hands down. Thanks Matt

Caven412 says:


Capitan Perales says:

What kind of performance drugs do you mean ? is a pre-work out one of them
? Whats wrong with lifting until muscular failure ?

xI2eLuHVaNTx says:

Cable crunches is all you need

Laughnator says:

He is 5 foot 6… almost a midget

sloppiexx says:

6-7 years

BurnzCD says:

Half Pinoy/Half White. 5’10”, 21years old. On track and motivated to get a
similar physique. LETS DO IT

Bart Sprengelmeijer says:

0:27 holy shit lavado was fat as fuck

CodWiiPro says:

holy fuck u guys got so shredded

Zane Peterson says:

Heres a “Do” Your fucking English homework.

jonnyx749 says:

this video is cool

glenmontvick92 says:

was that Yang at the end? lol

F Word Pictures says:

is that the only pose you know matthew?

Mesa4Life says:

Doesn’t train calves

Delli XX says:

masterona+propioneta+equipona+tren ace dont forget t3

tommy conlon says:

can i use this advice if im just trying to lose weight?

Carlos Vieira says:

so are you asshole

alik mabala says:

focuses on juies an roids

Enriquez Tordecilla says:

how are we going to see his abs if he has a shirt on?

amalekited says:

It’s not that you *shouldn’t*, it’s that it makes no fucking difference
either way as long as your’re within your macros (according to matt).

Bender Doblador Rodriguez says:

algun dia estare igual de rayado que tu

Snow3y says:

That has to do with muscle perfection specifications.. Meaning parts of his
body lacked, not his diet.

Snow3y says:

lol maybe if you followed him for a few years you’d know he’s natty.. Don’t
worry though bro, I’d be jealous too

paulrichardson49 says:


gabriel zampieri. says:


lankeypete says:

Doesn’t own any shirts

Vladimir Voinea says:

no for first question, and yes for the second question. please don’t read
bullshit studies and magazines or listen to people in the gym, just lift
and you’ll see! train them like any other muscle group!

Daniel Harris says:

Omg Lavado! Wow he looks like a different person off season! Man he shreds
up well! Matt with his off season abs. How can someone have abs like that
off season D:

Kyle Needles says:

I mean eating clean is definitely a good thing.. and fasted cardio
obviously makes you lose more fat than non fasted because of the HGH and
ghrelin production. He knows a lot but like everyone he has his flaws.

Ross Cook says:

LOA for life…more people need to realize how simplistic living a healthy
lifestyle is

TioFlaco78 says:

Eric Sandoval says:

Why shouldn’t you eat small meals every 2-3 hours???

jehcrazyjehcmy says:

preach brother

Hardbass9 says:

just cause it works for you doesnt mean everyone is the same

Bane Trogdor says:

Great video!

Coco Blast says:

learned of myfitnesspal from you…counting macros and calories…great info

Quam Mursed says:

Hi, have you tried “MuscLeader” (search on Google)? There you will find a
nice free video demonstrating the way to build notable muscles very fast
while dropping unwanted fat simultaneously. Ryan and plenty other guys
experienced good success making use of this technique. Perhaps it will work
for you as well…

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