Hardcore Bodybuilding workout

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Tommy Thorvildsen straining and pushing heavy weight. Gotta respect bodybuilders.


The Spaniard Infidel says:

This is hardcore man. Takes guts and blood!!!!ο»Ώ

Louie Farone says:

Hardcore Bodybuilding workoutο»Ώ

BitTheBulletNow says:

this is just sad. i rather be a all natrual bodybuilder

Lane Simpson says:

check out my review on ravage, pre workout supplement ! im a teen!

ARocketToTheStars says:

totally but only because they train like idiots

Woofspl says:

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0runyan says:

its not considered cheating douch if you know anything about lifting youd
know they do it to finish their sets it is even recommended when unable to
complete a set.

acidee100 says:

@TheLeilisa Lee priest is 5’4 or 5’5 With that said I guess any height

BDFPA says:

@FredtheAsian enough definition? More than likely he is working towards a
show and therefore gradually removing his body fat. They don’t remain lean
all year round.

jep91975 says:

@TheForsythek so those beer and you dont see everybody complaning so shut
up bitch

BVB ArmyFan says:

i have a question. Does working out change the appearance of your face?
like if my nose is long, can it make it like shorter?

superpredatorr says:

hardcore steroid workout..ha..nothing more..cheaters . see my pic for

skillkitchen says:

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matt n says:

If I’m looking to bulk up by purchasing protein supplements, apart from
buying on the internet, are there any stores I can buy them from? Thanks

qpfc says:

love the scottish trainer, SQUEEEEEZE

rychco says:

whaaat the f*ck ??? He’s an animal.. respect

Kaven Palmeira says:

Locking your legs on leg press is scaring me

mitch lola says:

@Mu5clehead big or small, doesnt matter to me so long as he has handsome
face with nose and nostrils i can play with

jamessketcher says:

machine lol

rowanb8765 says:

1:10 damn i though i was far with 300kg seated legg press

Craig P says:

I don’t think it’s cheating if you’re honest about it. But natural
bodybuilding is certainly not the same sport as using enhancements
bodybuilding. It’s cheating if you attempt to do a natural show having done

Jacek Skupiewski says:

i like that !

Anonymous Hack3r says:

That ladys n gentle men is called torchering the hulk. XD

bigbobabc123 says:

@TheLeilisa they tend to be around 5’8

BDFPA says:

@U2FOREVER101 often bodybuilders conclude a working set with partial reps
when they have insufficient energy to complete full reps, therefore
maximizing the extent to which they stimulate the given muscles.

serichejr . says:

@TheLeilisa 6 ft

Kalap Campos says:

@TheLeilisa 5’9 – 6’4

TheForsythek says:

@tupaclzalive33 steroids damage your liver and your kidneys so shut up

ionzinhu says:

hahahahah @youngt29 i’m gonna die πŸ˜€ bodybuilding cops hahahahahah loved it

Alex Pearce says:

Simply awfull : /

ashuploades says:

Guys! (: Have you heard about the Explosive Muscle Method (search on
google)? My mate says it gets people ripped fast.

superpredatorr says:

@daniel93382 i dont care about all that..i m natural and i m proud of it
and thats enough for me..i didnt cheat..steroids are for cheaters..see my
pic for a natural

bodybwan2be1 says:

awe-inspiring strength and intensity!!!!!

lifeshort says:

@m6am6m6on *calves

Robert Vance Jr says:


r3kr says:


93stephenbarr says:

@DrunkHazzord more like 2 days off. recovery is just as important as the
workout itself πŸ˜€

dk123ify says:

Funny. way dramatic the guys are 5 foot 6 little buff migits. lol. But it
takes work and roids to get that size. In fighting they won’t let our test
ratio go past 6:1 Can’t knock or hate on determination. I want to see these
migits fight

pickelamarsch says:

@superpredatorr then dont eat eggs, they make your muscles grow, dont
cheat! just eat tomatos! NO protein!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

VideoHell says:

Muscle god!

userboy6 says:

well i for one am very proud of this young man, he’s a credit to our

powerlifted says:

why cant these guys now days develope calfs, all that weight and still no

U2FOREVER101 says:

Terrible form

nicole karla bacus says:

Hi and thanks for the video. Like Youtube because of this sort of stuff.My
best friend was previously bullied. He stated he was gonna grow muscle
mass. I chuckled at him because I didn’t think he would…. Until he gained
40 pounds of 100 % pure lean muscle mass. He tried the Muscle Building
Bible – look for it in Google. No one dares to intimidate him these days. I
personally subscribed the other day. And the guys emails are interesting!

Mu5clehead says:

@aznboionfya it’s a sport, you idiot.

hoerkilde says:

They are destroying their bodies

shaun southam says:

@2pac4rap yer but it takes twice as long because u get out of breath more
easily steriods dont make your muscles bigger they only mak you work out
more which means you get them quicker but steriods only make you work out
more not make your muscles bigger and trust me pal i work in the gym so
dont listen to anyone who isnt a bodybuilder or who dosent work in a gym

Hino-Esdras -HinoDead- says:

good work πŸ˜‰

adib4d says:

i dont get it , cheating for what ? lol ignorent fucks dont even know what
is steroid

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