HOT Fitness couple KILLER WORKOUT!!!

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Music by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard “Hungry” Battle Tested
Available on itunes for clothing

Working out at the world famous Metroflex in Long beach Ca with my Girlfriend Anotoniette Pacheco.


Lu Jhen says:

Любимая мотивационная музыка для занятия спортом.

Кто не занимается спортом на пороге третьей мировой — тот лашара.

#workout #motivation 

swite989 says:

Your woman squats more than you. Out of curiosity, who decided that you are
hot? Too me it is a skinny dude, who weighs 70 kilos (if you are 1.8m tall
ofc) and a woman with a decent body, but a face………. Well can’t say
she is hot, but likable.

But I do can’t wait to hit the gym cause of the track and give it all :)

jakira s says:

Love this! My hype video

Victor Rodriguez says:

Perfecto video motivacional de Frank Medrano y su mujerr…

UniversalPotentate says:

Sooo … when are they getting a channel on xtube?

Victor Rodriguez says:

Me gusta mucho ese video…Los videos de F. Medrano son
muy motivacionaless…perfectos de ser mirados antes de ir al Gym..

Ignorante de la Vida says:

Hold my Beer…

Andrew Osinski says:

Amazing couples workout. Hoping at some point my wife and I can do these

'Rushidhar Madisetty says:

Whoaww Perfect couple!! Wonder how strong nd fit ur kids will be!!? :D

Free says:

I subscribed cuz ur gf is hot

Jay Ayers says:

I’m watching this and was like “yeah yeah, I’ll never get there”…

Then I heard the lines “I’m better than this, I’M BETTER THAN THIS!!!”

I don’t know about you, but that pumped me up. I’m going to start.

Cavalier Zee says:

*~ Hungry ~*

I’ll sleep, when I’m dead, won’t even catch my breath
And I know, the weight of, the world can’t crush my chest
I’ll work ’til I’m dead, I’ll work ’til I’m dead
I’ll work ’til I’m dead, and then I’ll do it all again

Focus on my own
Every day will test me
Nobody will ever fucking catch me
I live to be the best
This is all I got, this is all I got
I ignore the pain ’cause the pain will never stop
You’re better than this, I’m better than this
You’re bigger than this, I’m better than this
I’m better than this I’m bigger than this

Artist: *Rob Bailey* & *The Hustle Standard*

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#MusicVideo #HardcoreMusic #AlternativeRock #DubstepMusic
#HipHopMusic #RapMusic #RockMusic #FrankMedrano #AntoinettePacheco
#WorkOut #WorkOutWednesday #WorkOutRoutine #Calesthenics 

Sr f says:

everybody want have workoutt with the bitch like this

Cesar Beltran says:

Hey frank what is good to eat to get that much energy what you kind of food
you to stay In shape. 

The Hack is Near says:

03:08 god movement

Milky ManMM says:

They invented lots of new position in sex!!

Mike Jackson says:


TheLucario11 says:


Дмитрий Селютин says:

Давно задавался вопросом на какие шишы он живёт ?

Cludoews Beatnsyphas says:

#elitecouples #powercouples #partners #teammates 

Paontera says:

funny thing the song about Vegan Frank Medrano is about a guy killing
because he is hungry xD

hải long says:

this a song?

On Rail says:

great video

cousium says:

Imagine all the sex position they could accomplish… :O

Wituś Witkowski says:

Oh man his wife is ten times better than me XD

Bünyamin Eralp says:

U R THE BEST COUPLE often tried to copy but never so good like u 

andershuffling santos says:

What song ?? 

Edyta Kozłowska says:

<3 Uwilbiam Ich 

Nebojsa Ivanovic says:

What about HTO Fitness couple killer workout part 2?

TeenageMutantNinjaRapper says:

Every beauty needs a beast..but in this case…every beast needs a beast xP

максим данилов says:

а что за песня ? 

Mert SEZGEN says:

Girl is so so and so hot .

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