How to Take Creatine Do’s and Dont’s!! Bodybuilding Tips by TMW @hodgetwins

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Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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3choBlast3r says:

LOL .. I like the twins but *this video is 100000% BULLSHIT* .. it doesn’t
matter what you take creatine with … creatine also is not in any way
affected by the acidic drinks, drinks with high carbs or fats etc. It
doesn’t MATTER if you take creatine before or after your work out .. you
can take creatine at any time of the day, taking more han 5 gram is a total
WASTE of creatine (except maybe during the loading phase)

How I take my creatine .. usually when I wake up/in the morning in my hot
cup of coffee or thee (you can put it in hot choco if you want LOL) ..
(don’t worry about temp even boiling water won’t destroy creatine or lessen
the effect) regular creatine monohydrate/creapure will dissolve very hard
… the easiest way to dissolve it is in hot water. Many people waste a of
lot their creatine because they drink it in cold shit (Doesn’t dissolve) or
like the twins they ingest it without ever dissolving it, which leads to
less abortion by the body … drink it in hot water (Even regular hot water
straight from the tap is ok doesn’t need to be super hot) and make sure it
dissolves .. now drink any time you want … drinking before or after
workout has ZERO fucking benefit 

Creative Junkie says:

That annoying moment when you take your creatine with water and you watch
this video. 

bozo galinec says:

guys don’t listen to them It DOESN’T matter when u take and with which you
take creatine.. you can use it any time it won’t go into you
muscles immediately.. after about a week you will see progress because
creatine needs time it is not preworkout so it acts immediately..and yes
you can take it with water it doesn’t matter at all. sry for bad english

Arun Raghav says:

How to Take Creatine Do’s and Dont’s!! Bodybuilding Tips 

TheMindOfMagnus89 says:

Can u take that shit with cool-aid??? 

R.O.T.C SEEM says:

1st they said take it with grape juice then he said dont take it with grape
juice or water then right after said take it with grape juice.

faaz leon says:

WTF!!!!!!! Ive been taking it with soda!!!!! lol

MrJetstream91 says:

How about together with amino energy from on

Mitchell Adams says:

You are a bunch of idiots. It is scientifically proven that you can take
creatine how ever the hell you want and it will have the same effect. DON’T
LISTEN TO THESE FALSELY EDUCATED IDIOTS. if scientifically proven isn’t
good enough for you go buy some creatine and it even states you can use it
with water.

Pedro Karsan says:

Wtf? You say don’t tske it with grape juice and then say best to tske it
with grspe juice

ozboybrian says:

I take it about 20 mins before my workout and I get a pump while
training… helps me go hard. 

Isaiah Fry says:

I’ve just been mixing it with cocaine is that okay?

91ROYO says:

I heard you have to sniff it for the best results

25eddiegatz says:

They both said don’t take it with grape juice…..take it with grape juice

Daytrading Zoo says:

How about mixing creatine and dextrose? Fast insuline spike b/c of the
dextrose and it’s cheap too.

Aaron G says:

This video is outdated, it was made 3 years ago before all the studies were
done so of course some if not most information will be inaccurate, nobody
really knew that much about it back then.

nasir91 says:

BULLSHIT, creatine is not insulin dependent to get shuttled into muscles as
glucose is.

Getta Wright says:

They look like they could be the brothers of San Francisco 49era Michael

ismail marican says:

Great info guys, keep up the inspiration…

mynameschevy says:

When i take creatine . I take it in the mournings pre workout. It doesnt
help my bench that much but it helps my squat ALOT

ktcarl says:

So guys, what if you’re Type 2 diabetic? What would be the best drink with
creatine in that situation?

The Day Till I Die says:

I honestly just watch this cuz of the way they talk. Too funny

max sanderson says:

Ah ffs I use water

scott r says:

Black guys and their grape juice.

Erik Carle says:

What about taking creatine when you have Diabetes?

charlie walsh says:

stay away from grapeFRUIT juice , but yes to grape juice? #confused 

Conor Pooley says:

Haha they done a new video Keith taking it with water

long t says:

did he say dont take it with orange juice, grape juice.. take it with a
fast digesting carb like grape juice..????? 2:17

Ryan Wilson says:

Is cranberry juice any good?

Bennie Ch says:

This is bullshit…Why do you guys then drink creatine with water (saw it
in youre own videos)? You like wasting creatine ? Dont listen to this
felas…i like you cuz you guys are kinda funny,but not much knowledge tbh.

kakka626 says:

” As a food supplement for adults performing high intensity exercise, take
one full scoop 30 minutes before workout with atleast 3dl of water.” That
is what mutant Creakong tells me to do..

Mauricio Arroyo says:

Is lemonade okay? 

Ryan Baumbach says:

This is all great info. You guys are 100% right about the grape juice. The
grape juice acts as an insulin pump to push the creatine into the muscles.
In addition, protien is also a compatable intake mixture with the proper
protein/creatine ratio.

kartik mutya says:

Should I mix it with apple juice or how should I take it?

benjusmaximus says:

Hey bros can I take creatine with Grape Gatorade???

Reece Miller says:

Is it alright to take with apple black current juice?

Spore4006 says:

Grape juice isn’t a high glycemic index carb that spikes your insulin as
well. Best thing to take it with is like gatorade. It’s fine to eat with

The 8 glasses of water thing is also a old wive’s tale. Look it up, there
is no source on in the history of humanity. Someone just made that shit up.

Lakcigol says:

I take my creatine with water and its working great. I definately notice it
during my workout. So I dont know where yall got this information from.

Emilio Maisonet says:

Wait. did u guys stop yelling at the end of your videos. Bring that back. I
thought that was the funniest thing ever. Roid yelling awww. Lol

Mikail Merchant says:

wheres the part where I get to do whatever the fuck I wanna do? XD

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