Ivansfitness arms blast workout, Bodybuilding Tips and motivation

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arm Blast workout
1- underhand cable pull downs 3×20 + overhand cable press downs 3×20 + guillotine curls 3×20 + outside hammer curls 3×15
2-Close grip press 3×8-10 + skull crushers 3×15 + spider man curls 3×15 + standing barbell curls 3×15
3- Weighted dips 3×10 + body-weight bench dips 3×20 + incline curls 3×15 + preacher curls 3×15
4-Rope press downs 3×15-20 + Cable french press 3×15-20 + overhand curls 3×20 + forearm curls 3×20

Thanks to PW fitness for letting me record this video. If you looking for a gym check that place out 2200 Penfield Rd, Penfield, NY 14526

For Online coaching Email ivanvoineac@yahoo.com

for more great videos visit http://www.ivansfitness.com/home/

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Austin Pollard says:

Ivan you’re totally underrated, you deserve so much more views but you have
an amazing workout and even better physique, no homo brah lol. 

MrDesertmike says:

a big thanks to pointing out that the little tweaks plus focus on form can
make the world of difference

SG says:

How many sets for exercise ?

Jamiewelsh90 says:

Great video… I could use a nutrition guide a lot! 

Diego Miranda A. says:

You’re doing videos greg Plitt? are identical (Y)

SG says:

I found it thank you so much for your help IVAN you the man 

SG says:

Amazing workout thanks Ivan you are the men Bro

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