Lee Hayward’s Total Fitness Bodybuilding

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jmarcguy says:

One of the first fitness channels I followed & definitely one of the best!
Real tips that I’ve used. Not everyone shows you HOW to do an exercise.
This channel give you that. 

MaskedCT says:

“If you keep seeing this video… It’s because you haven’t subscribed yet!”
But I’m already subscribed lol.

DGirvanLifts says:

You, Jason Blaha, Jonnie Candito and George Leeman are my favourite
youtubers. Love you’re vids Lee!

One happy sub from Edinburgh.

David Thompson says:

Maybe you can help with a question. I know even in old age you can still
work out and take part in fitness, but for an average man what age will it
be when he may start to consider that his age may become a factor in either
his workout plan or why he can not reach his goals. I’m in my late 30s and
should I now consider that I may not be able to do the same body weight
workout as a person in their early 20s. Many thanks if you can help 

Kekeboy100 says:

Lee, please answear this: If i eat chicken all day long everyday and use
wheyprotein and Whole eggs. Does this cover all amino acids for builiding
muscle? from these protein Sources? or do i NEED a amino supplement ?

tesa mayonesa says:


محمد علي says:

im surprised how did u turn from ectomorph to indomorph

h051n says:

I actually believe that you are natural.
You might be one of the few ones left. 

DoMiNaToR2465 says:

I’m always watching tehe :)

Trevor Bollech says:

Whats the song called/where can I get it? 

WWEMasterLucky1994 says:

Great footage lee! Inspiring as always :)

thepunisher tonki says:

your an animal steve o. great vid cheers.

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