Macro Friendly Healthy Meal Prep for Bodybuilding and Fitness Preperation

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A quick and easy video recipe for Delicious Meal Prep for Bodybuilding and Fitness

Ingredients and Macros:

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Just love this…

Kristen Holliday says:

You are awesome! Do more meal prep ideas!

Waleed Zafar says:

just made a batch of this recipe for the week! Absolutely delicious and
quick! Thanks Simon! 

kenz786 says:

Really appreciate this video but just wondering wouldn’t you use wholegrain
brown rice instead as it is a much more healthier rice ? 

gokii polat says:

5k views in 3 days, this channels gna blow up soon :)

Low Calorie Cooking says:

Love curry powder! 

Mscellobass says:

They r all the same.

Nichola Whitehead says:

Nearly at 10k subscribers!!!!!!

BrockHeymanF5 says:

*Me too **+Kruakachon Df** . That program i told you is d bomb!Those
*who dont know their **somatotype** need not to worry cause the*
*program comes with a step instruction of how to determine it.*
*It will be presented to wide variety of foods, making it easy for*
*them to select the ones that meet their nutritional needs^*^_

Robo Dinosaurs says:

Does coconut oil taste like coconuts when melted because I hate cocunut so
much haha.

Olatonja Fisther says:

Make a lasagne recipe please simon!

Liam Cresswell says:

Metal spoon in a nonstick pan. FFS

RickkyP says:

Absolutely brilliant. Going to make my life so much easier, the recipe
looks 10x more tasty than the tubs of rubber chicken plain rice and spinach
I used to make! 

Wenny Leuenberger says:

I will never see diet with the same eyes. Gosh that is a delicious meal. ;)

Mike Parr says:

I didn’t think you could reheat rice (I am a cooking noob so may be wrong

k says:

Subscribed. You earned my sub, great videos man.

gabriel ortiz says:

Great and easy keep them coming thanks new subscriber here i will practice
your recipes

Jordan Hatch says:

This may be a stupid question… But can you freeze the meal, then let it
defrost and eat it cold? Or does all meat that has been frozen have to be
fully heated before eating?

Gerry Clow says:

Hi Simon how long can u keep boiled rice for in fridge cheers bud

TheALLLUXE says:

which basmati rice do you use??

jakeyjakey101 says:

oh god this is sad, 240g of rice is my daily intake and im 6% bf lol

David Edwards says:

Simon, top video – have made this twice now and it has solved a massive
bulk cooking problem for me! Subscribed. One question though, and
potentially a favour, can you do a video with beef mince bulk cooking? If
you haven’t done so of course and I’ve just missed it somewhere….but
something in this style and format would be great. Top banana! 

Konrad Brennan says:

Great video! Thank you for addressing this!

Hassan Mohammed says:

do u even lift?

Sad Boehner says:

Twice a week? Dude, some people need 250 grams of protein and 400 grams of
carbs a day. 5 or 6 of those would feed me for a day, not a week.

Jennifer Smith says:

Took me 2 seconds to subscribe. Kudos on the first impressions 🙂 x

Kvarcaz1337 says:

Looks delicious i’m gonna try it :)

David Anthony Betts says:

Do you drain off the coconut oil once the chickens cooked through? 

Matthew Dixon says:

Any guidelines for how to reheat the meals once packed away in tupperware
like this? I know it’s probably microwavable but just wondering about
safety with chicken etc? This would save me loads of cooking time! 

Ryan Liggett says:

How do you heat it up? And does the heating make a difference if it is
being heated from frozen and just from the fridge?

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