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Marc’s full program and much more:
Marc Megna trains for strength, speed, agility, and power. His plan will build your physique and boost your performance. Train like a pro.

When Marc Megna hit the gridiron, he didn’t just waltz into a starting linebacker spot. He ran every day, lifted every day, battled heavy iron every day, and locked shoulder pads every day until his body fulfilled his vision for it. He built himself into a pro athlete with hard work, smart training, and unyielding dedication.

Now you can follow his plan to build your own pro body!

Megna played college and pro football, but now he is all about new challenges, great and small. He has run triathlons and challenge courses. He did the Empire State Building Run in New York City (86 flights, 1,572 steps) and a week later ran a Spartan Race, an 8.5-mile gauntlet with 25 obstacles.

“My philosophy is that whatever I am doing in terms of strength and conditioning, I want to make sure I can do something with it,” Megna says. “I don’t want to be the person who looks like a superhero, but can’t do any kind of superhero things. I want to be able to run, swim, do an obstacle course, a race, and jump into a 5k.”

A tall order, to be sure, but Megna trains every day: strength training four to five days per week, HIIT training three days per week, steady-state cardio two days per week, and one day of active recovery.

Megna is up late every night, sometimes until midnight, but he’s up by 3:30 a.m. and training by 4. After breakfast, he will train half a dozen clients before noon, and then switch facilities to train a half dozen more before the day is done. In between he’ll take an hour rest, slip in a second workout, and eat lunch. Then, he heads home for dinner.

Regardless of the body part, Megna attacks from multiple angles. He also varies his workouts so he can build muscle, speed, strength, and power. “I’ll throw exotic compound movements or a kettlebell activity in with my body parts to make sure I can apply the strength with movement,” he says. “If you have movement, then you have the muscle to move.”


CTFKeith1994 says:

what’s the music start from 00:02

Jeus Lucas says:

You only get 3-4 hours of sleep that’s crazy ! 

shendo714 says:

I liked your video and how enjoyable it is while being inspiring with such
a good story. Your story kept my mind going and how to keep on chasing my
dream to becoming a professional bodybuilder/power lifter and thank you so
much for sharing.

Steve Pedro says:

I attended the same high school as Marc, and actually had the opportunity
to train with him and retain an abundance of valuable knowledge. My high
school football team made it to the super bowl my junior year and had a
wide array of success my senior year as well. In conclusion to our success
as a team, when Marc was home he would train with a select few of us. To
say the least, what an opportunity it was to have spent the time that I did
with him. The amount of knowledge that I absorbed from him was vast and is
still implemented in my everyday living…”Dream Big, Never Quit”!

cruto034 says:

Seems to be a great fellow!

Thumbs up mate!

Vincent Ridard says:

Nice dude says:

Check out @MarcMegna ‘s training and fitness program and SUSBSCRIBE!

Pazkizzle says:

Good story. Almost cried. Feeling motivated

atcmikelima says:

Your hair makes me want to choke you out

Mimi Bundu says:

very inspirational 

youngharzard says:

I love his outlook on training!

frusciante123 says:

What a fantastic story and inspiration – more like this please!

PaulBodyBuilder says:

U should be a model & a fitness model

Alexander Bulin says:

Great! Thank you Mark! You look very healthy!

Norman Stolba says:

Damn man

W33K3NDMU51C says:

Fantastic video, great bloke!

A Matt says:

Very inspirational story, thank you for sharing! Btw, you are fine! I
couldn’t help but to think how attractive he was 🙂 

sam the man says:

nice video and great information 

amirbiogene says:


Nicholas Adado says:

Love the nutrition segment. Very well done video, thanks for sharing! 

George PMA says:

Great video the explanations were on point thank you

Rob Forgeron says:

You have put out some sketchy workout vids but this one is
great , I love the interesting ideas megna presents.

Ryan Gannon says:

What a great motivational video and speaker! Just great!!! 

jamesbywater says:

What a great video. Very inspirational. 

bobby fuku says:

how can you sleep 4 hours a night…and still function

youngguy1992 says:


guymasters says:

He looks tired of talking at the end

Health and Fitness Page says:

Check out @MarcMegna ‘s training and fitness program and SUSBSCRIBE!

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