MURDERSCENE FITNESS – Natural Bodybuilding Upper Body Workout – Tips – Info – Gain Muscle

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Yes I have a long way to go and here is some of my story.
Time to share the science.

Trying to promote the correct way to achieve fitness goals without the use of drugs, and advocating correct nutrition principles.

More Natural Drug Free Bodybuilding and Physique videos coming on this channel. Nutrition and other topics coming in the future. Please subscribe! Thanks!

Intro song: Death In It’s Wake – The Tenth Key
Other bands in this video: Breakdown of Sanity, Attila.
Spread the metal, kids.

Listen to my bands at this channel or­­nghc­­hinghc­­e


DARKSTAR299 says:

Great videos! It would be awesome if you make more!
I like your taste in music, but please turn it down a bit if you are
talking 😀
Greetings from Germany

MolonLabe256 says:

Big fan of your videos man, BURIED IN THUNDER! These new videos are
awesome. I will be working towards the same degree you have man, keep ’em
coming bro! tired of all the pussy fitness channels out there, finally a
man who knows the iron!

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