Ronnie Coleman – The King Of Bodybuilding – Chest Training For The Olympia 2007

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Ronnie held the Mr. Olympia title 8 times; tied for the most of all time. He claimed victory in the IFBB 26 times; the most of any bodybuilder, ever. Many consider him the Michael Jordan of bodybuilding. When Ronnie Coleman stepped offstage for the last time in the fall of 2007 at the Olympia, it was the end of an era of dominance that we may never see equalled again.

But like the end of many great athletes’ runs, many have speculated whether Ronnie will come back. Each year since his 4th place finish at the ’07 Olympia, there have been rumors that he was coming back. The King would return to claim his throne. It’s understandable, because even though he has not competed since, Ronnie has been as close to the sport as ever.

Whether it was his guest-posing around the world, his appearances at all the major expos, his contributions most recently to Muscular Development Magazine, working on plans for the “Ronnie Coleman Signature Series” line of supplement products, or using his celebrity status to give back via his charity “Free the World From Hunger,” Coleman maintained his position as an ambassador and representative of bodybuilding. He knows that bodybuilding gave him so much and he wants to give back


Michael L says:

Ronnie Coleman is my favorite natty bodybuilder.

Alex Henn says:

Gotto love Ronnie and his flying dumbells!!!!!!!

Natural selection says:

Ronnie doesn’t need to have headphones and music for a pump he just listens
to his muscles screaming for mercy.

Casey Smith says:

Yeah buddyyyy!! Light weight!!!!

Delroy Desmond says:

Don’t try this shit at home lol shit will break

Steve Riddle says:

Without the drugs, much smaller and weaker. 

Natoli Hordofa says:

Calum Von Moger is million times better than this ugly fat

Natural selection says:

lmfao niggas mirin’ hard bringing him weights and shit..( Yo Mr. Coleman is
this enough weight sir?) 

Starlight Engram says:

I have a click in an elbow that was broken years ago. When I press or curl
with sweet spot weights it gripes me. I never thought to wrap it in an ace
bandage to possibly support the ligaments better. I’ll try it. Thanks for
the tip. Now I hope here’s a good turn for you. In my sets I used to feel
my muscles burning before I ran out of gas. I noticed I was clamping my
mouth shut and squeezing the air in my lungs when I went into load. On a
hunch, I opened up and tried gulping and exhaling as much atmosphere as
deeply and quickly as possible – as if I was trying to hyperventilate. But
instead of getting dizzy, I was able to increase my reps and stay busy
longer. I realized that when I clamped my yap against the air that I had
been starving my bod for oxygen and my muscles were screaming HYPOXIA! The
trick is to coordinate the diaphragm, intercostal muscles and abs to the
rhythm of air demand.

Sarah Jackson says:

At 5 minutes and 30 seconds,it shows why you should always put the weights
back when you have finished with them 

Kareem Darghous says:

Ronnie should go to planet fitness

Semi Samson says:

Warm up!!!

Yolo Tastik says:


quagmire444 says:

14:22 that guy on the punching bag looks like such a retard. the fuck is he
tryna do, some white boy karate?

mike ike says:

< 168lbs 160lb dumbell press set of 6 380 bench. 19 inch arms 54 inch chest

Leonard Alfred Birch says:

Hi. What’s the machine at around 22:10 please? Haven’t got one of these at
the gym here.

Zonghao Huang says:

omg that’s insane…

Raul Martinez V says:

Those dumbells were custom made for Big Ron

tweezy99 says:

You know you da king of bodybuilding when ur so dam big you cant even wrap
yourself LOL

ben llewellyn says:

this is one mean dumbbell workout! coleman BEAST!

actiondirector says:

For a guy that big, he can not even pick up the 100 himself? I weigh 157
and I pick up 120 by myself.

nagone11 says:

Ronnie…just “Thowin’ ” heavy ass weight around like it was lunch!

trinitygodsaint says:

How long ago was this?

james lebron says:

That camera guy nearly gets killed by them weights dropping

Vic JT says:

My god this man is naturally strong fuck what people say steroids this man
is naturally a beast 

wnypaisan27 says:

This is 2006 actually… I have his DVD it’s called Ronnie Coleman

Mass And Fitness says:

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