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The holidays and cold weather are upon us and everyone wants to stay in shape. Jefit for Android is the ultimate way to keep track of all your digital workout data and meet your fitness goals.


Chelsea Gardner says:

Everyone can develop at least 10 pounds muscle in 60 days and get ripped

Filsoh says:

Can i make the lbs into kg?

gsxrstunna333 says:

This is the best app for a person like me who is true to the gym and wants
to keep track of everything;)

astroboirap says:

his fingers are fucked up

Jaysmith says:

@willowempire lol

Zoldidi says:

Nice app, but why would someone want to post the work-out info on Twitter
and facebook? Especially when it contains all those details. I don’t see
that as a con. 🙂

beefpelican says:

You know what’s cool about youtube? You can click on the progress bar and
skip ahead. The more you know.

no spam says:

is this a Reebok commercial or a video about the app?

bcb0xer says:

@willowempire precisely

sharkale31 says:


joukkmoeder joukkvader says:

This is a really good app, my friend uses it while working out. Too bad
it’s not available for the Iphone, because this tops every other iphone
fitness app, in my opinion.

MrJemoi says:

@Zoldidi fuck u

Hayme93 says:

Why do you put the download sight.. if you never use the don’t download..
make a video of a bunch of apps we don’t have to download 😀

Mathieu Lalonde says:

Ahh, what’s up with the BROKEN CAMERA guys!?! C’mon!

Ten Cel. Nascimento says:


john williams says:

@JodyOnToast Reebok makes multiple types of shoes that have the Zigtech
technology, a few models ARE FOR running.

AdmiraSombra says:

@supertiger72 they say it all the time? Android

George Kozlovsky says:

hey man, the music is too loud! I can barely hear your voice sometimes…

Ariel .b says:

i just stopped watching it in the middle because of the commercial

Hugo Camacho says:


RandomVideos0072 says:


CyberGolem says:

Yes: From the Home Page, select ‘PREFERENCE’. It can be changed under the
section, ‘Unit System’.

Ian Chisholm says:

haha the “cons” are moronic. i mean, too many features? really…

santos Ventura says:

Best app ever

zodiatube says:

I thought this was a review for a workout app, not a zigtech advertisement.

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