Shredded Aesthetics Back Workout

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Dr. Kenneth Neilwater says:

I’m not saying they are or are not on roids. However, it is wrong to think
that everyone with a decent physique is on steroids. I started working out
a few years ago and months after I started, I went to a family reunion. The
first thing a lot of my relatives asked me was: “What are you on?” Well,
I’m not *on* anything. I just love working out, being active, having lots
of sex with my beautiful girlfriend and I eat right. So with all of that
along with my genetics, I have a tall, lean, muscular physique. I’ve never
done steroids, nor would I, because my goal is not to necessarily get
bigger; my goal is to be healthy. From what I hear, a lot of people are on
steroids, but I don’t know the details because that’s their business if
that’s what they want to do. My point is, some people can get amazing
results without steroids and if it’s not totally obvious and they deny
they’re on roids, I give them the benefit of the doubt because I know
accusations that you know aren’t true can be annoying as fuck.

Turnip Patrol says:

The comments on this video are hilarious. So many clueless teens that don’t
understand the first thing about diet tracking, training progression or
anything related to anything really. They think that these people just wake
up one day looking like this. If you actually followed Ogus and Lavado’s
progression to this point they had been dieting down for over 7 months at
the time this video was filmed, hitting their macros perfectly every day.
Are they drug-free? No one knows but them, but most of you would be a lot
better off if you stopped caring and learned the basics of how to get in
shape before arguing on some silly ass video. I can tell that half of you
haven’t even gotten through middle school yet with the kind of bullshit I’m

bullbanks says:

I don’t think natural bodybuliders can get this cut,but I could be

headeffects says:

None of them are natural guys… come on. You can get that big naturally
but not that lean while maintaining size. Don’t believe you can achieve
this naturally, you’re going to be disappointed.

shav12 says:

Why is everyone saying they’re not natural because of how shredded they
are? I have gotten down to around this bodyfat before and it’s fucking hard
work. I had to skip out on the parties and the drinking and going out to
eat all the time. Most of you are probably too lazy to count your macros
and weigh out your food. After eating the same shit over and over again
most would give up,not reach their goals, and say anyone like these guys
aren’t natural. It is possible if you have the will power to do it 

Joe Black says:

Welcome to Shredded GAY Club…….

Reginmund WeiBhaupt says:

Please the name o the song 0:00 to 4:45 because the link drop me to a
chanel but i can find it
Thanks and best regards

futurealasd says:

i don’t give a shit about aesthetics. all i care is go do my workout, no
mercy, increasing weight while keeping my form steady, and eat whatever the
fuck i want. Worrying about what your body looks like 24/7 is for people
who have nothing else to prove. Their iq has dropped below 0. Haters gonna
hate of course. No surprise jews fuck us every day, steal our money, and we
look up for the best calorie diet online and are disappointed if instead of
2400 calories on Monday we accidentally ate 2600 calories. Oh, u don’t say ?


Panny Spirou says:

Jeff seid would suck himself off if he could 

Vincent Legent says:

I feel small.

bdpchamp says:

Ya know what’s terrible, is that a study was done which surveyed what women
found attractive and somewhere around 96 percent of women said that they
found brad Pitts physique in Fight Club much more favorable than the
‘aesthetic’ fitness models they were shown, and only 1 percent of the
females surveyed said they found the physique of ulisses Jr attractive. It
just goes to show that there’s a huge difference between what us males
appreciate vs females. To me, the physiques seen in this video are fucking
awesome, and what women should really appreciate because of the hard work
put in to attain it, but unfortunately a large percentage of women have a
very low ceiling for what is ‘too much’ in terms of muscle mass when
considering attractiveness. They even voted some skinny cunts body who
looked like he never worked out a day in his life over that of Ryan
Terry’s. Idk man, shit like that is stupid

Ace Kerrigan says:

I’m looking for workouts that can assist in getting my pull up count higher

The Norwegian says:

so much hate haha. i wonder how many of the people who comment here have
even lifted serious for a year? sadly that looks like very few. don’t
comment on things like this when you got no experience on your own on the
subject. like you’re trying to tell an electrican or engineer what is
right. same thing. 

Mr.Omega says:

I am naturally buff and I know for a fact that these jokers are on juice

Juan Manuel says:

aesthetic winstrol ;)

Vayne The Legend says:

These dudes are insane lol

Barstreet Officiel says:

Your a beast dude! Keep up the hard work loved the video!!! Check out mine
on my channel, feedback too would be awesome! Let’s keep in touch!

Jamie Winch says:

Many ppl who workout professionally at the gym, have told me these kinds of
bodies are built by steroids.. I just wanna understand is this TRUE or

captain sum ting wong says:

I love how they all cover their skinny wrists with a bunch of bracelets
lol, 🙁 I have their same problem. 

Sanath Chavan says:

dedications with steroids and staying all day in the gym and yet you get
kicked by light weight mma fighter , i know they are training for looking
good and then they stand in front of bunch of idiots who judge them by
their looks,what’s point of that. i’ve been lifting for 3 years this just
not the life i imagined. I know iron never lies but that doesn’t means u
spend your whole life with iron :P

Araz Bennington says:

Fuvk it. I’m also gonna use steroids.

Marlon Areas says:

00:38 Jeff’s clen twitching

manav talreja says:

my gym will wont allow me to get shredded 

Werilla Johang says:

Yeah yeah, you guys say they are on roids, who gives a fuck? they can pose
and you cannot if you dont have that body, They can get Girls, They live
only once, They want to live with aesthetic body. They may not want Earth
to stay unhealthy so they maybe show this because of that or do you rather
Earth people should be like Wall E (Movie) people :P. Yeah yeah you saying
that you hating them because they are lieing, how many friends have lied to
you? you maybe dont know your body, go to gym test your body, you can get
Arnold body without roids, who knows? test! 😛 sorry for my bad English

Tom Jenkins says:

I believe Ogus is natural mostly due to the way he trains which is doing
what is optimal for natural lifters: focusing on getting stronger and
hitting everything with reasonably high frequency. If he was on loads of
gear he most likely wouldn’t do a lower upper offf repeat. It is quite
possible he is on something to maintain his conditioning.

Tricky Ricky says:

(I know it isn’t sandstorm)

felix da kat says:

these guys are clearly not natty at all….. trenbolone all the way…

Matic Marinšek says:

Why doing biceps curls in back workout?

moo de says:


David Frank says:

Could anyone link me to a workout mix such as in this video.. preferably
longer if possible.. not songs separately but a mix. would love it!

BillClinton354235235 says:

Name of the second song until the end of the vid please? Thanks!

Jay13 says:

whats the first song name?

justin balint says:

How do you diet it for fat loss? Appreciate any advice thanks

Cory Rybak says:

i didnt think it was possible to get this ripped either but i do what
they do and it works im well on my way 

Steve Giambattista says:

They look great! Who do you think blew who first. Lol

ELLO Mad says:

As natty as nattygraham

TenSwordStyle says:

g4p on a daillyyy with these fags like lui would say hahhaha

captain sum ting wong says:

Damn that Hispanic dude with the goatee has an INSANE back!

manav talreja says:

eat clen tren hard

Spridon Cristian Teodor says:

What s the name of the song?

Britton Garlitz says:

This shit makes me want to hit the weights.

whitedawg1984 says:

@2:55 Emperor Krang from turtles back

George BandicK says:

First song is Hellberg & Deutgen vs Splitbreed Collide second song
limitless project 46

osiman yakup says:

They are youing winstrol.!!!

Rayner says:

Is Jeff Said natural?

kdx220 says:

Skinny dudes man eat some food

Damomcd1982 says:

Terrible camera work. 

Fahd Rabhi says:

1st song?

Almas Imsirovic says:

so many jelaus people here lol roids hahahaha yeah right bitches did you
ever workout in the gym for years??? im working out for 3 years and im
aesthetic as shit

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