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Get Lethal Lats With Terry Crews’ Cobra Back Workout

“You got the cobra back, you’re about to bite somebody with it!”

You can see Terry Crews flash his physique in the “Expendables,” “Everybody Hates Chris,” or his brand-new show, “Are We There Yet?” He’s flexed his musculature from the trenches of the NFL to Hollywood red carpets to Old Spice commercials while machine-gun poppin’ his pecs.

Those may be his flashiest muscles, but to Crews, the back musculature is just as important as those beach muscles up front. “Everybody focuses on all the push movements, but to really get your back together, you have to focus just as hard on the pull movements.”

You have to work your back from top to bottom to get the full effect. Will it be easy? Heck, no. But the man himself says, “If you want that cobra, you gotta pay for the cobra.”


Elijah Henington says:

4:33 Lol Don’t skip leg day

Low_ Gio says:

warming up? nah, we still animals man ! have you seen a lion warming up to
catch a zebra lol I compete XC Mt bike and I don’t warm up, almost never.

Markus Sangalang says:

i thought the warmdown was running up a hill then walking back down… on
your hands… backwards… with ankle weights

Joakim YesMan says:

the camera man sucks. show the goddamn movements!!

ArminMeiwes23 says:

I have a problem on my back since i was a teenager,is twisted and it hurt a
lot sometimes. And i have to lift weight all day because of my work in wich
i bend my back like 2000 times everyday. Do you guys think some exercises
like these could be good or bad for me? its really painful.

N Ramirez says:

It’s always the weak, or obese who criticize fitness videos and the ppl on
them. Whether his legs aren’t big enough…or his weights aren’t heavy
enough…or that they are over compensating for “something”. These are the
ppl that are physical failures so they belittle ppl who are inshape. As for
over compensation. . .everyone knows the obese have small dicks and no
stamina and the weak lack the strength and aggression that it takes to have
a woman bragging how you left her drenched and shaking in her own juices to
her friends. Man up and workout.

mo MONTAGE says:

There are many back workouts, and I like this one so far, here are my
results after 8 months of working out: http://tinypic.com/r/iqa1b9/8 &
http://tinypic.com/r/2075ly8/8 …All real I am not fake and trying to
promote anything.

Willy Souza says:

5:05 Like shit you are! Get those weights back in place than we can talking
about moving over… Man I hate having to wonder around the gym looking
for shit.

Aram Galstyan says:

I think he is not juicing properly

Yoshio Ku says:


Bdoubletho says:

Using a squat rack to row? Lol!

Camilo Velandia says:

I never even thought it was good to do so many heavy work outs for one
muscle in one day

Mt Bicepulous says:

Dude has some serious leg development 

Adam JM says:

Will sumo deadlifts and chin ups be enough for a thick wide back? I don’t
think I need 10 exercises. 

Antichrist2000 says:

I keep expecting him to say “Let’s take this up a notch EURO TRAININ!!”

93NissanAltima says:

The camera man must not workout because he does not know what people who
work out look for. We want to see the form. One second camera angles make
it kinda hard to see the whole movement performed…

ratchetonezz says:

What ever happened to euro training

rmcdaniel423 says:

We are watching these videos because we need advice. Please ask your video
editors to use fewer closeups, fewer graphics plastered all over the frame,
and not so much cutting to other shots every 1.3 seconds. Give us a moment
to actually watch what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, for crying out

Sufi Naqshbandi says:

Cheese burger 

illusionarytactic says:

lol he says to keep the weight the same for the db rows, and then it says
increase weight b/w sets

Bruno Muscolo says:

Way big biceps for those shoulders :P

Corbin Dallas says:

The video looks better if you click the link at the bottom of the video in
the beginning. 

Bhavesh Vaghela says:

I don’t understand how he’s increasing weight for each set, going to
failure, and still reaching 10 reps per set?? :S

slavik90 says:

error 404 Calves not found

RIPmacdre187KCMO says:

he pyramids i like that

5900James says:

Awsome workout

Zagger A says:

You can’t run a Ferrari Testarossa straight from 0 to 100. 

Everytime says:

These editors are awful. Specifically pay attention to the one handed bent
over row section when Crews says don’t up the weight, but a picture is
added with “increase weight.”

Carlos Martín Palacios says:

That arms are way too big for his shoulders, strange look =S but he is huge

oscar sinmas says:

legday?? nahh….

W.C. DOGSIDE says:

I’m about this mans size and can’t do pull-ups like that. Dude’s blessed.

Sonny Fish says:

Deadlift is a push exercise!

Juventus Ventuno says:

I can’t imagine his normal workout where he does back AND other muscles in
same workout. The tip about the crunches on cooldown is great – I get lower
back pain – been thinking its my mattress, but the fact I love working on
my back at the gym but little crunches makes me think this could be the

Arcadis Torias says:

I want terry as my personal trainer D:

alideutscher says:

them legs though !

DIDHVN says:

does anyone know whats the song @ the beginning is from?

Rollinglol says:

nice workout but those one arm pull ups are pointless just replace them
with regular ones

doghnutman says:

“Warming it down” lol.

Joey Martinez says:

“Starch Nigga”

marius smistad says:

why you gotta edit them so fucking advanced? film it straigt, no shaky

Saad Hasib says:

Terrible video editing. 

MissVormt says:

That Yates row was just awful, lol. Just swinging the weight around, 0

Lorenzo Miguel Javier says:


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