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Jamie Eason Fitness 360

Jamie Eason is by far one of the most recognizable fitness models in the industry. However, Jamie wasn’t born with a silver dumbbell in her hand; she had to fight tooth and nail for where she is today. And like any great success story, Jamie had to battle in the trenches before she reached the summit of success.

Jamie overcame every woman’s worst nightmare: breast cancer. Her personal struggle with the disease flipped her motivation switch. She began to make healthy lifestyle changes, building the body she never thought she’d have again, but better!

With 7 years under her belt since her bout with cancer, Jamie has accumulated an array of health and fitness knowledge that has aided her in her own rendition of survival of the fittest.

In an exclusive interview, Jamie shares her best tips about training, nutrition and supplementation – tips that she has used to set herself apart in the world of fitness.

So sit back, relax (but not for too long), and learn the insider secrets that have set Jamie Eason apart as a tried and true fitness professional. To learn more about Jamie Eason, go to at


Amanda Silver says:

I love listening to people talk about physiology they don’t understand.
Carbs “sweep protein up into the muscle” ? no

PJ Tass says:

Hi Ms Jamie, I like to link your vids to my hobby site. I like to ask for
your permission?

E Santiago says:

Her best quote: “One of my favorite hobby is just being in the kitchen.”
Yeah she’s wife material.

Health and Fitness Page says:
Armin Flodius says:

When these athletes tell about their workout routines, the small details
are perfectly adapted to themselves which they have discovered by training
for years with a viarity of different routines which have all helped them
to look what they look as today. So my point is basically, do the basic
compounds regularly and all these details will be filled by yourself as
time goes. We are all different. 

antonio romero says:

I love it.

TheXENitz says:

damn, she is hot..

WVU Benjisaur says:

I wish this video was in HD :(

berryfairy68 says:

I love fitness and like being in good shape but 6 days a week is too

lampuiho says:

but cardio is actually the most important part of being fit. You can look
good but not actually fit

Lauren Alexandra says:

Same body type as me. I’m waiting for my foot to heal right now, but when
I was following the 6x/week training and the heavier lifting regime, I saw
huge changes in my body. Can’t wait to get back to it.

Celine Angela says:

She’s awesome :-)

Billy Budapest says:

How many children does she have?

Miel Miel says:

Carol Kizner says:

I am 58 and just started weight training six days per week. Thank you for
your inspiration! (By the way, I have Sciatica pain in one leg, but this
has gone way down since I started training regularly.

Raven H. says:

I’m a small girl too, so it’s really refreshing to hear fitness advice from
other petite women. She seems so nice and down to earth. =)

Christina Willard says:

Cool to watch her….if you watch the other “Training with so and so”
videos she is IMHO the very best spoken and most authentic delivery.
Everyone else is fine but they are not natural in front of the camera and
stumble or say odd things.

Sal Rastegar says:

Great from the Power Pull man

Polwarthful says:

Oh the possibilities of Eason porn

NeIhsuR7 says:

I bet she’s super tight.

Jacquline Ontiveros says:
AnklebiterTypeR says:

P90X2 if you want to do it right isn’t very travel friendly. A lot of
equipment needed for it, too much to be able to travel with really

hind mja says:

Wow , she is so beautiful,and sexy and nice, and love bale, and it is me ,
a woman , saying that, DAMN

amazoninlove says:

50 covers in ur thirties eh? thats a good milestone Jaimie. im going to
strive for 45 by the time im 29 lol

NCY_ says:

Working out helps clear up the pores. It does help.

Mary Lee says:

She hates running,she is perfect

fernando contreras says:

goddddddd shes gorgeous.cutes i usually dont
go for white girls

Lauren Williamson says:

I LOVE Jamie! She’s inspired me SO much! <333 much love

BloodiedEdge says:

or the fact they pick the people with nice skin to be on the cover of their
fitness magazines haha, but i do agree with you, move that body!

jjjjjokerface says:

My inspiration!!

mike mcdonald says:

Very informative Jamie 🙂

Erick1811 says:

agree shes fuckin beautiful

TheHipster15 says:

at 6:55 what was that woman putting salmon on? looked good i need new snack

killer00100 says:

This video is most popular with: Gender Age Male 35-44 Male 25-34 Male
45-54 lol

PipSqueak says:

She is amazing, my inspiration!

Blog Fiend says:

Many fitness models have a kickin body but a “tough” face – this girl is
just all round gorgeous! – every part of her!

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