Ulisses Jr & Simeon Panda Bodybuilding Motivation

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Song: Ali Bomaye (Instrumental) (No Tags) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iOaTGOlF5Y

Footage from:

UlissesWorld: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm9MSDgaj9fg9q-zMqZ01Ow

Simeon Panda: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Ih0f1H_eyHeLLT0Tzuh8g

Fit Media Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoguzybAI8Fgdj4Aze5tE8w


Tony Roberts says:

asian dude at 3:17 using his number card to hide his dick rofl

Erik Coreas says:

Call me an idiot if you want, but i believe Ulisses is natural. Take into
consideration that he is in his thirties. He’s been at it for a very long
time and has been very consistent. It’s very obvious that his genetics play
a huge role in his physique but that doesn’t take away the fact that he
worked his ass off for it.

Charles Lyons says:

Ulisses Jr & Simeon Panda Bodybuilding Motivation:

Dom Master says:


Brock Landers says:

Even Ulysses dick does steroids!

troyrunstings says:

Why does the guy with dreads stop at parallel with the shoulder press?
Could it be elbow issues, a comfort thing or intentional? I’m asking
because I’ve had elbow issues and sometimes got great results from only
going parallel with both dumbbell/barbell presses sitting or standing.
When I did it I was able to add A LOT of weight with great form and feel
it better than using less weight but going full stretch.
What happens mechanically when you go below parallel with more of a
stretch? Does it take pressure off the delts and use more of the tricep,
is that why it feels better (hurts more) only going parallel?

Anakin Skywalker says:

Form police would need to put a freaking department on this case

Silanethione says:

Ulisees AKA every white woman’s secret dream. Ever see that white vs black
dude meme with Ulisees? lol

Piedra Nano says:

can anyone suggest their cycles…?

centauraction says:

they look big and skinny at the same time .__. how that can be possible? XD

Seymour Butts says:

What’s the name of that song anyone?

shadowbros9 says:

you wanna know why he ain’t juicing? look at his fucking sac 

The CRANK says:

Simeon Panda !!!!!!!!!! ||||===||||

Hazard Strong says:

Outstanding vid, proud of both you brothers. Keep doing what you do.

felix8709 says:

Personally, I don´t think they are natural..but I have no intention to hate
them for anything. Even under consideration they might use non-natural
substances they work out at 100%, are dedicated when it comes to diet and
effort in gym. I just don´t think these proportions are possible without
steroids. They are both HUGE, nontheless they are ripped 365/year (I guess
about 6%).

Sanath Chavan says:

just for show, no go! nothing more than a showpeice

NexisFilms says:

Oh , and as for 2:50 …
Forget 8 packs bro , I got 10 packs ! :)

Jude Cross says:

Both guys display bad lifting techniques which results in injuries. They
don’t control the weights throughout movements, they lock out weights at
the top of their squats and presses, and they use many jerks to compensate
for weights that are too heavy, etc. 

MrFuckitidowhatiwant says:

if you don’t think its impressive then what the fuck do YOU think IS
impressive. if it were easy to just roid and be like this there would be
tons of people doing it with there names on the top of the leader board
like theres are but there isn’t and you are not. what it comes down to is
they have what YOU DONT and you make up excuses about why they do and you
dont. .

AskTheBigGuy says:

I dont have issues with Mr O contenders, or any IFBB Pro’s because they
never claim to be natural. Although I stay to be natural, they provide
great motivation and inspiration by making me realize which body parts of
mine are lagging with their pronounced size. Fake natties are liars.The
end. It’s much worse when they’re selling custom diet/training plans and
make their clients believe that their physiques are attainable with proper
nutrition, training, with some help of supplements. 

James Johansson says:

Ulisses should’ve played Raven in the Tekken movie …should use him for a
matrix movie or something. Ulisses, Jeff Seid and Lazar Angelov inspired me
to start getting cut. 1 month in …

Kareem Khaled says:

they are over , totally over

NexisFilms says:

Simeon needs a little bit more mass in his triceps’ , than he’ll have one
of the most complete physiques on the planet .

100001091057100001 1 says:

khazar mongoloids money printers r happY

David Mendes says:

i find simeon a lot more aestethic then ulisses

cristian Torres says:

los negros son la mejor raza en cuanto a fisico!!

Jeremiah Gryciuk says:

amazing vid 10/10 will watch again

miguel turtleface says:

simeons arms are fucking long!

meyerlifts says:

Why does everyone always say “roids” ya’ll fools don’t know about peptides?
They’ve been around for 5 years now and they’re acceptable by natural
bodybuilding federation standards. When you get past 35 years old you can
do peptides and keep gaining without diminishing returns.

Franco a says:

Awesome motivation!

Kent Essel says:


Vassili K says:

These are the guys who should motivate people, pure brilliance.

James Labeat says:

Ulisses is natural ? My assssssssssss

MrDJidZ says:

Simeon ‘all natural’ Panda. great natural bodybuilder. so much size for a
natural. god, the naturalness. NATTY CREW 4 LYFE

diegoforzacataje says:

Title music please

Junior Panda says:


senorito229perolito says:

just awesome

diogo reis says:


nimiko says:

Great Motivation!

Chung Fat Lee says:

Can anyone say “steroid freaks!”

Akmal Naz says:

wanna be like you both ='(

Matt says:

I would love to train at golds gym in Cali when i visit again

Dom Master says:


Roberto Throne says:

Great motivation!

Jumpious says:

holy shit, the dead lifts at 3:45 your going to fuck your back up so much
holy fuck! fucking hell what the fuck is that. fuck that totally wrong 

Crywolf1337 says:

Their form is shit imo. Peace.

CrimecraftTPSMMO says:

very inspirational for people who work out including myself but
unfortunately most casuals are turned off by very ripped physiques because
they think they will never look like this and they have no idea what to do
to achieve a level like thisso they just give up without even starting

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