Ultimate 30 Day Beginners Guide To Fitness – Day 1 – Bodybuilding.com

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The next month could be the most important of your year. You’ll learn how to start your fitness journey the right way, and how to navigate your way through all the complicated info online. It’s just 30 days—you can do this!

Welcome to the first day of a healthier, more active life! Over the next 30 days, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of fitness, nutrition, and supplementation. No matter what your fitness past is like, or how many times you’ve started with good intentions and seen them fade, this time will be different. Give us 30 days, and we’ll give you the tools you need to transform!


Thomas Schmidt says:

We can do it guys! once we transform our bodies all the bitches will be
ridin our dicks! Good luck to everyone!!!

Piddlesan says:

I would gladly put in my body measurements into Bodyspace if it weren’t so
buggy. Bodyspace deleted measurements without me doing a thing and
multiplies them by ten folds. It’s really irritating.

Destiny Demary says:

+Bodybuilding.com what if you don’t have the equipment and can’t get to the
gym but really wanna do this?

Rob Mckenzie says:

Lol bullshitt c’mon Steve stop scamming lol

Christoph Papenhausen says:

really nice! Thank you! 

Jese Joon says:

I don’t have a smart phone? :(

jgreen114 says:

No. Just no.

TheAsianTutorials says:

Ah good times. I remember when i was here exactly one year ago. Good luck !

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