Upper Body Bodybuilding Workout @hodgetwins

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Hodgetwins Bio:
Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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maskedidentity72 says:

Every time Keith tried to get back to the vid content Kevin kept trying to
theorize about the fuckin plane crash. Lmao. Love these guys.

david keenan says:

pretty sure your mama cheated on your daddy with a white boy……

SmexyPC says:

Incline Bench Press 3×6
Hammer Strength Shoulder Press 3×6
Underhand Grip Lat Pulldown 3×8
Lateral Raises 3×12
Low Row Machine 3×6
Single Arm Machine Curls 3×12
Dips 3×12

EverythingisFire says:

“Great, great! Not great, great, GREAT! Hahaha.

Jimmy Struthers says:

stupid niggas

MitchGoslingTV says:

Wheres your favourite gym guys ? Could I make a video with you guys for my
channel ? Thanks 

Vicki Huffman says:

I love these guys lmao

ImDino says:

that’s clean right there

David C says:

I’ll be like I Believe I can FLY!!!

*Better yet:*
If i could i’d try my best to aim for a gasoline tanker on the highway, go
out in a nice blaze.

omar walker says:

Poor Kevin your not being informed about the workout plans lol your funny
as hell man 

Craig L says:

Better make sure you pump some blood into the biceps, because obviously
blood isn’t already there. 

XclusiveS2 says:

1:35 mirin in the back

Theodor Åndal says:

Back in the gym with them yeeeah hoodies! :L lol

Adrian Grey says:

If you jump out of the plane just before it hits the ground.

lupe hernandez says:

aka green eyed devilssss

kevin bennett says:

lol happy to see you gays back keep it up

MaxTurboX says:

Yo wheres the 5 year transformation video?

Samuel Garcia says:

You guys are fuckin hilariousXD

ricky dojosefski says:

Hey you guys should do video saying who’s stronger in each muscle group?!?

jackmonkeyca says:

In a car crash, similar to in an elevator if you jumped just the moment
before impact it wouldn’t change anything. Reason being it’s travelling
vertically down at terminal velocity or close to depending on how long it’s
been falling, so your jump which could only be so strong and push you so
far would still ultimately result in you taking the brunt of the impact.
You’ve only negated a small portion of the movement

tony garcia says:

You motherfuckers sound like you have down syndrome. Honestly why do you
have to jiggaboo up the intro i couldn’t even get past the first 5 seconds
because i felt like i was losing I.Q. points by the second.

matty dodd says:

In response to your physics question about whether jumping up just before
your plane crashes into the ground will save you or not; it won’t. If the
plane is going 200mph towards the ground, and you do a perfectly timed
jump, you will only slow down by about 5mph. You will still smash into the
ground at 195mph haha

Daniel Bezman says:

Very likable and funny but…you can’t compare them to Mike Rashid.
Physically and informatively.Still a follower though

Kingraith says:

No if you jumped out of the plane right before you hit you would still die,
you would not be able to overcome the inertia of the planes downward
momentum so even if you jumped you would still be falling at a substantial
speed .

Ghastly Jenkins says:

Great great great great!

GeneralShnargTube says:

Strength workout vids coming soon? Hell yeaaaahhhh!

crazykid925 says:

Aka shut the fuck up!! Lol 

John David Perez says:

Y’all are starting to get kind of small… No offense, just an observation.
I don’t think this split you guys got going is working too well

EasternGateGuardian says:

how do you guys workout with a hoodie on??? I’D be sweating like a pig

Calum Handley says:

Please make a shirt that says ‘all kinds of snap action’

Chef Dahmer says:

I am going to be honest…”……..start a fucking radio show.

Iloveufonzi says:

so which is it? gr8 gr8 gr8, or gr8 gr8 gr8 gr8

Tapiwa Ushe says:

3:08 i wonder the same.

lmfao “great, GREAT!”

dgassant says:

I started the rumor about yall dieing. What the phuckkkkk you gonna do?

Amparo Coble says:


Fogholade says:

great great great grandma :))))))

pooperscoop54321 says:

how much time do the hodgetwins take inbetween each set?

TripleAgent83 says:

Hahahaha!!! I hate that dip machine too.

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