Upper Body Hypertrophy Workout With IFPA Pro Bodybuilders Ryan & Aj

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Yo whats up guys! Here is a full upper body hypertrophy workout that my training partner Aj Hribal and I just recently tore up!

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what is it with you guys talking about legs on ALL upperbody videos.What is
the logic behind going to an upperbody video to talk about some guys
legs?Do you guys just wanna see men squat and bend over?

Mike Chrisman says:

the term “professional” means they get paid, it doesn’t mean they win
lol… amateur means you do it without making money. if these guys have
ANY sponsor then they are considered professional… bunch of haters on
here lol

Sebby Fay says:

how many sets of each exercise are they doing?

Ben Hamilton says:

so small

Monica Montana says:
Plymouth roadrunner says:

Where’s your seat belt and AJ work those legs.

Mr S 1986 says:

pmsl at 7:26

Gin Kun says:

Pros? You guys are not pros just like josh said, got the same body as you

Lewis Mervin says:

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it. Go Google Better Bawdy Building and discover how to utilize your gift.

superboy4you says:

what are you driving? a smart?

Hung Nguyen says:

Dem legs

lionofgod9 says:

come on come on…shut up

Josh Sargeant says:

These guys are built, but pro? I look as good as them and i’m not even
winning my regional NPC shows…

thebuddahmain says:

AJ! MY DUUDE. please for the love of god, HIT THAT SARTORIUS. Not trying to
be a hater, but your calves are not nearly defined enough. It’s about the
full body, not just the upper body.

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