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belly dance lesson work out lose weight and learn to belly dance by far the best teacher!
Her classes are located in London U.K
Melissa BellyDance Online belly dance school also available – Learn with Melissa in online belly dance classes
For more go to:
twitter: @melisbellydance

By watching and participating in this video you agree that melissa is not responsible for any injuries to yourself, always check with your doctor before participating in any exercise. Melissa 2012

I do not own the rights to all the music no infringement intended.


Melissa BellyDance says:

Belly dance with me at my summer 2014 workshop classes:
London UK Based Classes
(4 week summer course)
Begin 15th July 2014
Belly Dance general level
Dark Tribal Metal
Totally Turkish Belly dance
Latin Belly Dance Hip Hop
my website is in the description

cheryl pellettieri says:

I really enjoy your online classes. Do you offer the rest of this dance
routine on you tube that you taught in this class?

July Alvarez says:

Hello! Do you only teach in London? I’m from Colchester. I took belly dance
classes for 3 years when I was living in Costa Rica but I’m missing my
belly dance classes soooo bad. I’m really interested in taking classes.

Kaydiasez says:

I can’t contract my bum, not even sure I have one after this :(

TheBlueBeatle3 says:

1:41 – What’s the name of the first song??? I absolutely love it’s speed
and rhythm!

Claudia Ramirez says:

best online lesson ever! i went for two months to belly dance lessons and
never learnt how to use my muscles like she teaches and I actually hurt my
hips that time. Thank you very much! :D

Catt Weir says:

god i wish i could move my hips like her! 

MMiraJeS says:

I think this would be a fun way to workout, I am quite lazy thus I am
looking for something to train my muscles that is fun too

lisa williams says:

I wish I could take lessons I live in a Small town nearest studio is
Dallas, tx 2 hr drive darn! I enjoyed this video making me want to take

Angelica Perez says:


shashini vaz says:

at the moment i m working out…this is to tell you that i really lov this
work i m on normal weight..i took a balanced diet+your work
out…after doing your work out and having a wash i feel i m healthy..thx
….May god blez u

Delusion Dispeller says:

I never realized what a workout belly dancing could be! WOW!

E. Fournier says:

Someone please tell me the name of the second song at 6:15?!? I’ve been
looking for this song for months!

Chantal Perez says:

Omg very good

Margot Grabie says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Alli Lund says:

Haha, this is really awesome, it’s just funny being an American learning
about an Arabian dance by listening to British teachers 

Carol Stewart says:

If you want a real work out try this.

khouloud rabiaa says:

i like your energy ill just be glad to have such a coach 

cher o says:

The first song is “atabtab” for nancy ajram, a labanese singer

la morena says:

I love it 

Valerie Potkah says:

Awesome! melissa

43ANGELAB says:

Great Instructor
After much careful consideration, and couple days of sleepless nights
I’m giving up Yoga .And back to Belly dancing as my routine every morning.
Will help move my Kundalini to the Mother Belly So my snake can be tamed.
Anyway , will work out to this a couple weeks. Has been several years
but I’m already trained. Just have to pick it back up.
But you are a great instructor

Letia Hamilton says:

Omg I love this video!!!

jaci greer says:

Brilliant clear instructions and choreography, love it thank you for

Jade Sloan says:

How long can u do this to lose a little not a lot belly fat

Merche Blandòn says:

Excelente clase…

francess. bean says:

Very nice.. when I can join the execise with you.. :(

Adam Libby says:

Adam’s mom using his computer. Just want to say I really loved this
workout!! Awesome work! Wish I were there in your class but this is next
best thing and best belly dance workout on YouTube. Thx, Theresa :D

sissy dion says:

you are so amazing melissa …<3

lissa2m says:

you are an awesome teacher. I learnt some new muscle isolations from you.
Normally teachers dont really teach from the muscle point of view. Thanks a
lot! I really enjoyed your class

Meriam Rezika says:

I didnt know westerners even knew about belly dancing lmao

Resse Zafira says:

i can’t make that vibration ;(

Aelita Alexander says:

yay so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ella Ildie says:

Im amazing at this!!! kidding

iman chandra says:

Wow! Wow! Wow! & wow! loved it

Payal Maheshwari says:

Soo gud way to weight loose

Sana Meshari says:

omg this is so fun thank you ! wish I could be with you .

Nicole Barros says:

Pleasee! Do more of these videos!

Yanelis Galan says:

i love this girl, she is awesome.

sara john says:

that belly dancer teacher is a fireeeeee……my body hurt just watching
that intense workout hahahaha i use to belly dance all the time that why i
know how intense is that.
i need someone like her to compete with
a sexy workout with your hair cool is that? work it work it baby

Naomi Walker says:

Did this workout yesterday. My butt and legs are on FIRE today. Excellent
video, I will def be adding this to my list of favorite workouts!

noorani noonoo says:

My left butt cheek seems to have a life of it’s own when I do that exercise
25 minutes in, lol. Help me do what I tell it, lol.

Karen Flores says:

My god wish my teacher was lile you!

Delia Fornero says:

just vlove it! wonderful really, and your energy!!! I would love to take
lessons with you! kisses from Argentina

Danielle K says:

ah i love this song

Kennady Horton says:

Amazing dance I do belly dance before I go to school

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