Gymnastics Lesson For Your Child With Coach Meggin At Home! (Professional Gymnastics Coach)

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TO PURCHASE COACH MEGGIN WRISTBANDS AND YOUTH T-SHIRTS CLICK ON THIS LINK! Lesson includes warm up, stretching. and learning how to do a bridge and bridge kickover safefly and with good technique. This lesson is great for your child’s strength, flexibility, and coordination development. Exercising with Coach Meggin is fun! Join me on Facebook!


Gary Exton says:

as soon as you said running is fun then he fell over it was really funny!

kamile zaraite says:

Aww so cute!!!

Arianna Bartholomew says:

Is it okay to start gymnastics at 11. I’ve done cheer for many years but
never gymnastics can I still end up competing by age 12.

Dhestrene's Craftastic says:

Is it okay just to start gymnastics at the age of 10 yrs old?
maybe if I don’t know gymnastic it can cause an accident
please answer..tnx

AnnieXAnnie says:


David Castillo says:

You showed me how to do a bridge thank you

aaliyah lennon says:

lol running is fun *FALLS* oh

Noni Lana says:

Can i be a gymnast at 12 yo ?
And can i be flexible as a gymnast at 12 yo ?
Please answer

Dorothy Knable says:

How can people write so crudely on a site for children’s learning. No
matter what their complaint, they prove their comment worthless. I think
it’s a fine video for this level.

Jennaca Jones says:

OMG I loved this

jaylyn ramlal says:

Poor baby

danny l says:

can you pleeease tell me why I land on my back when I attempt a back
handspring on my bed

huda cabdi says:

LOL he fell! ;)

Angelina Komporlis says:

U should give out shout outs every week like on sevensupergirls

Sar bear says:

coach meggin i finally learned the handstand cause of you and shana you
support alot of people.. which is a good thing i love u ur suck a good

Charlotte Chung says:

U look like ijustine…


Thank you so much Coach Meggin! I’m teaching kids gymnastics, but I’m used
to teaching teenagers, so I was a bit nervous. Thanks for showing how you
make it fun:)

Michelle Hughes says:

0:36 Are you okay be careful 

james allen says:

so cheesy lol she sounds sarcastic when she talks. i like the video tho

Juanita Philips says:

me too

Noni Lana says:

Please answer my question coz im really interesting to Gymnastics ….

Mallory Simmons says:


Nanda Nasution says:

i laugh when he falls lol i wanna repeat it again just to see that

applesandoranges244 says:

@jackie bucio omg you think your soo cool because you can use cuss words
and make fun of someone else’s video. Wow! Hint hint: SARCASM

Lilmisscutie says:

Coach Megan u help me with a lot of tricks thank u 

Sar bear says:

he’s such a cute boy.

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