Gymnastics : Lesson Plans for Primary Gymnastics

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Primary gymnastics lesson plans should include tips on safety, balance, flexibility and strength to avoid any injury. Develop lesson plans for beginner gymnasts with advice from a teacher and camp coordinator in this free video on gymnastics.

Expert: Shenna Vaughn
Bio: Shenna Vaughn has taught at Boys and Girls Harbor for more than 10 years.
Filmmaker: Adrienne Farr


Seachriiya says:

Is it just me or is only two of them doing proper push-ups? ;A; Well
anywhoo this looks fun. Great explanation and all.

miisharestuff says:

Is it late for me to join gymnastics I’m 14

AmberFerguson101 says:

1:35 thats not the best “split” she can do right to me thats not even
considered a split

fourluckyhorseshoes says:

She seems like a great coach. I would love to meet her and gets some tips
from her.

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